Sky News on WIN


is it MPEG4?


Yes it is
If he can’t get WIN HD then he won’t get SNOW either


Ok thanks. So what will need to change? The TV?


A new TV or a set top box which can receive these channels.


Headline News promo:


cheap TV STBs will do the trick for the most part these days… $30 or so


Live cross every 30 mins is pretty impressive by Win’s standards.


SNOW yet to edit their promos to remove Ross Cameron from the Outsider(s) board.


In an extensive interview with The Australian Bruce Gordon claims the revenue from the Sky News / WIN joint venture is “growing like wildfire”.

I’d take that comment with a grain of salt considering he also told The Australian the affiliation agreement with Ten has been “a great success”.


Great wildfire could also potentially be defined as ‘devastating and tragic’


Mr Mappy should know we don’t say wildfire in Australia. Maybe that’s different in tax free Bermuda.


So the deal with ANC allows both ANC and WIN to share recources. We’ve seen WIN’s benefit with SNOW, but outside of Headline News how is ANC benefitting from its access to WIN’s regional news catalogue? Are they incorporating WIN-produced stories into other bulletins? Or live-crossing during Sky bulletins outside of Headline News?


Hi, can anyone tell me why I can get channel 52, but not channel 53, northern nsw


Currently in Cairns International Airport waiting for a flight, much to my surprise, they’ve got SNOW on on the TVs in here


I know QANTAS has Sky News channels in their lounges and also produces in-flight bulletins, but personally I wonder if they’d also have a general contract with airports for exclusivity over the content shown on their TVs?


Only in terminals that they operate themselves.


As an aside, airport terminas probably account for 90% of printed copies of The Australian too. Yet Qantas are labeled a bunch of virtue signalling lefties in the comments sections of that paper’s website.


I’ve noticed next weekend SNOW is pretty much Fox Sports News.


Saturday was pretty much FSN all day but it looks like that has also spread to Sunday. FSN is also getting a better run during the week dumping the ridiculously old repeated programs from the previous nights with live bulletins of FSN midday til 4pm.


I think we’d take “Fox Sports on WIN” any day.