Sky News on WIN


You’re forgetting that was quite a while ago now.


While I don’t personally wish to see Sky News on WIN become an MPEG2 channel…

I agree on this point. As an MPEG4 channel between the launch until shortly after 4ME went bust (4ME was probably the single reason 7Flix launched as an MPEG4 channel) it’s to my understanding that 7Flix regularly struggled against 9Life which in the metro markets, had been in MPEG2 since Day 1.

But once 7Flix’s switch to MPEG2 happened around the start of June 2016, viewership of the channel increased fairly quickly (the network even produced “Now available on more TVs” promos) and is now more often than not ahead of 9Life in the ratings.

The 7Flix changeover from MPEG4 to MPEG2 still happened relatively recently though - a bit over two and a quarter years ago.

Anyway, back on topic. If you think not being in MPEG2 for maximum viewership wouldn’t be a major issue for Sky News on WIN, have you forgotten who owns Sky News Australia? News Corp are a company who’d be all about maximum reach with their content and I highly doubt their offering on regional free to air TV would be an exception. MPEG4 v MPEG2 could even be the difference between viewer figures for Sky News on WIN that are behind or in front of the ABC News channel!

#306 is in MPEG4 in most if not all markets.

Don’t hear complaints about that anymore.

If people really wanted to watch Sky News they would have subscribed via Pay TV years ago.


Or online!


They also run HE-AAC+ audio aswell… So it is a great test channel to see what your TV supports


From a regional perspective, I would have thought WIN would have tried to have The AG Show screening on either WIN’s main channel or SNOW. If there was a concern as to what to pair The AG Show up with on SNOW, the answer is simple - Money Manager - to fill 1 hour blocks, Perhaps instead of Best Of Bolt on Sunday mornings.


Another promo


Not that diabolical. SNOW was neck and neck with ABC News on Monday night.


You’d have to imagine that the first ratings goal is to beat ABC News

Interesting that Richo is the most popular show though…


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Headline News advertisement in Canberra Weekly magazine:


Not sure about other WIN areas, but they really need to do something about the PQ in regional WA.


PQ is fine for Illawarra…



Your Money

Awful. You can’t see the watermark properly.


That is so bad! I haven’t seen anything like that, but I was flicking through the other day and caught an interview on SNOW that I decided to watch.
While the picture quality wasn’t that bad, the feed was all fucked up as usual on WINs multi-channels. I don’t know if it’s only a Townsville thing but I keep seeing WIN channels freeze and then go back and repeat the last few seconds, then fast forward through the next few, then freeze again, then jump back 10 seconds, then jump forward, then freeze and go pixelated. It’s a fucking nightmare!

Doesn’t happen all the time, but i’ve seen it on multiple occasions over WINs multi channels over the past few months. It’s only ever happened on WINs feed, and isn’t my TV, as I saw it happen on a TV tuned to WIN at The Coffee Club a few weeks ago. It’s not just confined to the program either, as i’ve seen it doing so during an ad break on one occasion.


Obviously compressed picture quality wouldn’t usually affect ratings if there were just a little bit which is barely noticeable if you’re sitting a certain distance away from your TV, but I wonder if very noticeably poor picture quality like the example posted by WAtvVideos above would actually effect WIN’s ratings?

Because even if there was something I really wanted to watch on WIN’s network of channels, I definitely wouldn’t put up with quality like that! :confused:


It’s exactly how Gold was from March 2016 right through to SNOW’s launch. They’re clearly squeezing too many services on the WA satellite transponder and aren’t doing a damn thing about it. It’s not just Gold/SNOW either; all the WIN services take a hit, it’s just SNOW that takes the biggest hit.

If they’re not going to do anything about the transponder space, they should consider culling TVSN.


In a market like WA, do they really NEED both GOLD and TVSN?

If for reasons such as licensing agreements that they cannot drop TVSN, then maybe they could drop ONE and screen the sport that is EXCLUSIVE to ONE on either 11 or exit the programming on GOLD for those sports events


I would’ve thought that Network Ten would be even less likely to agree to WIN removing a service than TVSN! They just wouldn’t allow One or Eleven to be dropped, even in a market like Regional WA.

What’s with your obsession with trying to add more paid programming to networks? I get that it makes money for them which just might go back into things which benefits viewers (who knows, perhaps some of these now-defunct infomercial services might’ve helped pay for the return of HD main channel simulcasts), but wherever possible we want less and not more of this stuff on our screens!