Sky News on WIN


Because he wouldn’t constantly refer to Fox Sports as Premier Sports, and wouldn’t call both Telstra and Australia Post the PMG. He knows exactly what he is doing.


And don’t forget Sky News SD on Channel 291! :stuck_out_tongue:


He has stated a reason why he calls it channel 2 and it’s one of derision and sarcasm. I can’t for the life of me remember the actual reason why.

He isn’t doing it he has he nostalgically remembers the day when it was called channel 2.


Fair enough, sounds quite childish if that’s the case. As I said, not overly familiar with him aside from having the piss taken on The Weekly or similar.

My partner’s grandfather asked if I could put the radio on 3AR last time I had him in the car. He is 92.


Um, I thought 103 and 600 were SD? Is 291 where the SD one goes if you have HD? I haven’t had Foxtel for years.


The ABC hates being called Channel 2. That’s pretty much it.


Isn’t the ABC on Channel 2?


103 & 600 is in HD, 291 is in blurry SD.


If you pay for the HD then SD is 103 and 600.
It’s weird how it works.


It’s the other way around. By default, the HD channels sit in the 2xx range. When you pay for HD, they swap them over so the SD simulcasts of the HD channels are in the 2xx range.


My guess is that if Ten Melbourne doesn’t produce something SKY News On WIN may do so


Sky News always cover state elections, so that would be shown rather than the sports news?


It is possible, unless the WIN’s main channel (or WIN ONE) opts out of the normal schedule that night across Victoria


There are some regional ratings on The Guardian’s Weekly Beast column. Diabolical figures for Sky News After Dark on WIN.


Ratings on FTA are lower than ratings on Foxtel. Richo’s Wednesday 8pm show garners the highest ratings. Credlin and Murray near the bottom of the pile.


With Sky News on WIN being an MPEG4 channel, I would not be overly surprised if WIN decides to switch the channel over to MPEG2 within the next few months in a bid to increase viewership.


At the expense of what channel?


Perhaps by cutting the bandwidth allocated to WIN HD.


God no. Let’s not go into reverse with technology to assist a few stragglers.

The content just isn’t compelling. Simples!


I feel if it was just a few stragglers, 7flix would not have got the bump in shares it did with the changeover. As a commercial business, maximum audience reach needs to be achieved to allow the possibility of achieving maximum ratings.