Sky News on WIN


Its not EVEN his first sit down interview as Prime Minister. Paul Murray is a joke (and thats putting it politely)


And it will be a soft ball interview considering that idiot Murray is mates with Morrison. They go to the football together etc.


Given the accessibility of this new news network, why don’t they screen All Australian News at 9pm and advertise it as “See WIN All Australian News FIRST at 9pm weeknights on SKY News on WIN”.

After all I daresay even with pre-production and post production editing it would be ready by 9pm at night (or at the absolute latest 10pm)


Because AAN sucks?


So it will fit in with SKY News on WIN’s current offerings


I wouldn’t be surprised if someone (such as Andrew Lancaster) did try and revive the WIN produced Kids News and place it on SNOW - just to try and lure the kiddies in to watch their garbage


Bump Paul Murray for All Australian News? I can’t see that happening somehow.


So do they take a direct feed from Sky News… or is this channel a combination of Sky News and Fox Sports?

This afternoon seems to be a direct feed of Fox Sports.


Weekdays are a mix of mostly Sky News and some Fox Sports News. Weekends are pretty much all sports with only a few exceptions like Kenny and Speers.


I did suggest in my post 9pm or 10pm - be better than their bits and bobs of show


Another promo, note the choice of font for the text over scenes:


Yep, clearly a WIN-produced/edited promo and not a very good one either IMO.

The Impact font works for internet memes, but not a promo going to air on broadcast television! :confused:


My God that’s terrible. They even used the black border on the font just like a meme. Who the fuck did this?


The employee in charge of that mess needs to be sacked!


Let’s be thankful it’s not Comic Sans…


It’s like they’ve used an online meme video generator to make it. Got to be a new low for Australian television.


You’ll have to avoid Netflix as there are some titles with black borders around whiteish text and some with black shadows behind white text.


Never thought I would see the day when the meme font is used in a TV ad…


I’m yet to see anything this terrible on Netflix’s interface.


They could’ve outsourced this to a YouTuber to get a better promo.