Sky News on WIN


But isnt it just Andrew Bolt on then


I think he does mean on the WIN main channel, which has Ten programming. Have seen no change on metro Ten in Adelaide.


Sorry. My tendency of refusing to refer to WIN has caused some condusion here.

I only noticed today that the Headline News was on WIN instead of WIN/Sky channel.


Piece in the guardian today that Murray is annoyed that Speers and gilbert get more money than he does despite his higher ratings. Apparently those two get large offers from commercial networks and their pay packet keeps increasing when they’re renegotiating new contracts.

Maybe Murray can stfu and do real journalism and might get more money




Maybe it’s because people can’t stand the garble that Bolt and co churn out every night.


It’s on both, isn’t it? Except in WA.


Of course Speers & Gilbert should get more money than Murray - without those two (& I would add Laura Jayes), Sky would be stuffed from a credibility and prestige POV




Nice to see that loudmouths are being paid less than professionals… in this one instance.


Such a thing would not fly at Fox News…


The other point you can take from that article. No one is remotely interested in poaching Paul Murray :joy:


Anything more than one person listening to Murray, Bolt, et al is still one too many. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just checked the MediaWeek Regional Ratings … SNOW seems to be bouncing around from well under half of what ABC News rates (ABC News rates about the same in the bush as it does the city) to within a few tenths of a percent of ABC News.

As I’ve said before, every little bit helps in terms of WIN’s overall share, but it’s a shame it has to come this way via nutjobs espousing their toxic views…

Am really curious to see how well the Jaynie Seal news fest rates in the mornings on WIN’s main channel.


Not very well.
Compared to Sunrise, Today, ABC NEWS Breakfast and SBS’ programming of Italian, French and Al Jazeera news, WIN’s Headline News rates single digits in all markets and finishes 4th in QLD, NNSW, VIC and TAS. While last (behind SBS) in SNSW.


It’s gonna have to be a slow burn as WIN’s mornings were decimated by Ten’s filler line-up.


So Headline News is rating better than what’s on the multichannels?


Interesting. Do you have a publicly available source we can view?

Also, is it rating higher than what WIN was airing before or is it worse?


Unsure - only seen figures for the channels mentioned in my post.


WIN is playing a Sky News on WIN version of this promo that ends with Paul Murray stating that his interview on Monday is an ‘exclusive’. Just one example that proves he is a liar:


I’m not sure how you could even class an interview with the PM as exclusive. It’s not like he’s a visiting entertainer in the country for a few days.

Apart from making decisions and directing the government, one of his main roles is to front the media. All the time.