Sky News on WIN


I don’t mind the Headline News in the morning, kind of like what Sunrise was 20 years ago…



Has Andrew seen the channel’s schedule?? Outside of Headline News, the channel only shows one hour of news content per day (‘Live Now’ at 10am eastern) - the rest of the schedule consists of political shows, FSN simulcasts and the ‘after dark’ opinion programs


You know, Bruce Gordon has copped some crap on here, but I feel like Andrew is the silent one here. I feel he is probably leading Win into the crap it’s in today.


It looks like PML is live from WIN Stadium?

All 2 hours live on SNOW tonight only.


So much background noise with glasses clinking and voices talking with Paul and the panel having to speak loud. How is this truly allowed to go to air?


Yes, the official launch of SNOW is happening there tonight


All Australian News airing on SNOW now has the bug:

And the SNOW version of the Headline News promo:


I guess they can’t use the ticker because the WIN supers are too low.


Ratings for Wednesday are slightly up on Monday’s figure for Sky News on WIN. The ratings are on Mediaweek.


The EPG is showing Parliament Live 2:00 - 4:00pm Monday to Wednesday, which will include Question Time.



Not sure how much of the week it has been like this, but Headline News is now being scheduled on Ten (in HD).


When is it airing?


Beyond the typical Gordonistic view of things, I think that might be a spur to Ten in the right place, especially if they’re doing the 6-8:30 simulcast.


Live from 6am-8.30am before Studio 10.


On Ten?? Do you mean WIN?

Because it has been On WIN since it began.


Is any one else having picture trouble on SNOW this morning, its almost unwatchable.


Yeah my understanding is that it’s being simulcast on WIN’s main channel as well as SNOW, from what I can see it’s not in the schedule for Ten metro markets… it would be very surprising if it was.


Just had a look at the MediaWeek AU ratings report.

SNOW dipped below 1%, while News 24 almost doubled SNOW’s share. Maybe the slide is beginning or everyone who would tune in was watching the footy.