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Golf is no longer on the anti-siphoning list. The current list is here:


Cheers, must have updates when the masters became defunct.

I suppose the Davis Cup will need to be altered now.


Golf would rate far better than The Daily Edition.


It’s been on the main channel for the last few years


I don’t really care much about golf, but at least the airing of it on the main channel means HD coverage in most markets.

When was it ever multichannel content?


Ian Baker Finch (a long time Ten and then Seven golf expert) no longer? Also when Seven got the rights from Ten, Sandy Roberts hosted for a year or two before defecting to Foxtel. So didn’t Pat Welsh then host? Because surprised to see Jason Richardson hosting.


Pat Welsh has hosted (he’s not great), as has Peter Donegan who seems out of favour with Seven these days.

IBF also worked for ABC here when they had several tournaments each summer. Given he words for CBS in America, perhaps Seven is a no go zone for him now.


Pat Welsh is best utilised on the fairways and greens, whispering as the players ready for the next shot.


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They have used 7two before for first and second rounds. Can’t remember which year it was.



He was still used for Aus Open/Winter Olympics/Comm Games this year was he not?


“Golf” coverage on Seven “Drive of the Day” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I think he was only on the world feed for these events.


As Qwerty suggested I think only world feed, so may have been heard on Seven, I think definitely Aus Open, nonetheless, he’s not done horse racing or golf for a couple of years now and they’d be considered his strengths.


Seven may be showing this year’s Sydney to Hobart yacht race (on 7mate), but today’s press conference did not even get a mention on Seven News Sydney tonight. I only found out via a Nine News update while watching the ARIA Awards. I sense a change of broadcaster next year.


Meanwhile, Nine News Sydney had a Sydney to Hobart-related piece as their first Sports report (in the segment where Pete typically crosses to/from Cam for one report).

Hmm… :thinking:


An unpopular opinion of mine, but when the next AFL rights negotiation begins (probably in 2021/2022), I really hope that Seven will go all out and get everything (digital streaming, all matches exclusive).

They’ve let go of so many of their marquee events (tennis, Melbourne Cup) for the sake of their current rubbish AFL deal (1 billion +?), and are producing cheap, rubbish programming. One can hope that it’s worth it and that at the next round of negotiations Seven can go all out and lock Fox, Nine and 10 out of bidding. With exclusive AFL, it will benefit the network more than the current rubbish deal with AFL and cricket.

Also, Seven should make swimming a thing again. It’s a pretty big sports for Australia (especially in the Olympics). If Seven can treat swimming like Nine is treating netball then that will be pretty good.


Swimming was big for that decade and a bit when Australia was scarily good at it (Hackett, Thorpe, Klum, Perkins, Trickett, O’Neill etc) but now it’s not quite as good (see: Olympics 2016) and has been beset my controversy. Until they have a superstar again, it’s not likely to garner the same interest. Just in my opinion :blush:.


That’s true, but I think they should at least try, because they really have nothing else worthy to show other than AFL/Cricket (most is simulcast anyway).


100% agreed. I think Seven underestimated the value of digital rights (or didn’t want to pay extra for digital rights) for the previous three AFL broadcast rights deal (2007-2011, 2012-2016, 2017-2022) and let Telstra took them all. Nine’s current deal with the NRL is superior because it includes digital rights for its allocation of matches, and exclusive streaming rights of State of Origin and Grand Final.