Seven Regional (formerly Prime7/GWN7)

Is he still called Prime7 possum?




That doesn’t surprise me… Big Dog’s Goodnight on Nine Nth NSW still has the NBN logo on it.

Does anyone know if the “What’s On?” segments still air of an afternoon?

No. Haven’t seen one for a while.

Thank fuck for that…


I’ve seen them in the mornings relatively recently

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Procurement probably haven’t gotten around to buying possum traps yet


Or hired contract killers to kill him/her.

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Wikipedia is just an absolute mess now. Where do you even begin with a change like this? Seven has no official name for their newly acquired Prime/GWN network other than the websites “7regional” and “7regionalwa”. This doesn’t imply they are internally separate entities or anything, they’re just a website name change which will no doubt be temporary. SCA also doesn’t have an internal name for their Seven affiliate network, yet Wiki user(s) have coined “7 Regional” for them too.

Really, the GWN7 article should have just been renamed GWN and treated like every other station callsign article (CBN, SES, etc) instead of all this false naming.

It’s a lot of work and it’s no wonder most just give up and let the little kids edit it, making mock ‘7 Regional’ logos and writing lots and lots of assumptions about naming and availability.


No one mention 7 Regional Queensland :wink:


Formal complaints must be submitted within 30 days of the relevant broadcast.

There are three methods for lodging a formal complaint in relation to something you have seen or heard on Seven Regional.

You must either:

Mail a letter to Seven Regional, at this address (it is advisable that complaints sent via post use Registered Mail):

The Complaints Officer
Seven Regional
PO Box 878
Dickson ACT 2602


Because it’s really sunshine television that was bought by the 7 network years ago. Sunshine television and prime / gwn are 2 completely different television networks owned by the 7 network

Sunshine Television wasn’t a network, it was/is a single TV station with many local relays/feeds.

Prime was/is a collection of 4 separate stations into a regional network: NNSW, SNSW/ACT, RVIC and Mildura. GWN is similar, but to a lesser extent.

But didn’t MVQ6 from Mackay join up with sunshine tv in late 1990 to become sunshine television network prior to the start up of aggregation in Queensland in early 1991? It was called sunshine television network for a few years before the 7 network bought it in 1995 effectively rebranded as 7 Queensland.


Sunshine Television was a network upon the start of aggregation. The formerly separate MVQ6 Tropical Television Mackay and SEQ8 Sunshine Television Maryborough were merged into the one market with main operations eventually moving down to Maroochydore and later bought by Seven.


Which was my original point; by the time that Seven bought them, Sunshine TV was a single station.

With 8 stations/markets, not as a single station.
Sunshine started operations with aggregation with both Mackay and Maryborough still active, separately run operations wise but owned by the same parent company which I recall being Qintex at the time? Maroochydore to my understanding took over operations for both centres at a later stage which was my point, that Sunshine was a network at the start of aggregation.

And don’t forget PRIME’s 3 east coast markets are combinations of formerly once separate stations as well.
AMB - NEN and ECN - now a single license NEN with multiple stations
AMC - CBN, CWN and RVN - now a single license CBN with multiple stations
AMD - AMV and post aggregations PTV - still separate licenses with multiple stations, including the separate MDV joint venture with WIN

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For some strange reason someone has changed it back to the Prime7 branding and name on Wikipedia, it was 7 regional two day ago.

Yep, someone who isn’t afraid to hide behind an anonymous IP reverted it back to Prime7 and rewrote it in past tense. I did the same for the GWN7 article.

Prime and GWN are now part of the Seven Network. Work needs to be done to incorporate this fact into the Seven Network article, but what shouldn’t be happening is a sloppy rebranding of existing articles. If you go through the history of both articles, there have been fake logos, assumptions about structure and naming, and replacing of words like “affiliate” to “owner” without any proof reading of sentences like “Seven, an owner of the Seven Network, broadcasts to…” etc.

What I think needs to happen is we keep station callsign articles that were part of Prime and GWN to document their history, and everything else moves to the Seven Network article. Perhaps a past-tense Prime7 Local News and GWN7 Local News article as well.