Seven Regional (formerly Prime7/GWN7)

It looks like Prime’s PRG has also been slightly modified. The show titles no longer have any shadowing or a dark gradient behind them. They have tighter kerning and they also sit further away from the logo - almost in the same position as Seven O&O.





Hmm. It’s as though they’ve been replicated on a new system?


First time I’ve seen one of these after all this time. I’d tune it at the times when I thought it would be shown, in line with Prime or Seven, but they’d always play a short 7mate dog ident instead.


Well spotted!
Yes, the PRIME Lower Frame Supers are a tad different in very minor aspects. Possibly due to the Saturday changeover of outsourced playout provider.


Looks like it.

For those reading, Prime now comes out of TBS Mediacloud - the same facility that outputs SBS. This leaves MediaHub Australia with just four clients.


I count five:

  1. ABC + ABC International
  2. WIN
  3. Imparja
  4. Sky News + Sky News Regional for SCA/WIN
  5. VAST News

And probably will move to NPC when 7 takes over.

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Maybe not straight away. There’s probably going to be a contract there to see (or pay) out. But yes, you’d expect so eventually.


I wonder if there was anything other than cost that prompted the move? Especially so close to a takeover.

Makes you wonder what the Seven deal is like with NPC? I know they are in joint venture with Nine but I wonder if that has a limited term agreement too and maybe eventually the opposite happens and Seven leave NPC and join with Prime at Telstra/MediaCloud.

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A change of this nature would be a massive undertaking with some serious planning behind it too - makes you think that Prime were operating on the premise ownership wasnt going to change soon

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ishoptv’s watermark is now solid with the change.

So why was this shown on prime just minutes ago during 7 4:00 news


Great question. Perhaps MHA still provide some feeds to Prime?


Possibly due to a transmitter PIE switching error somewhere along the chain which reverted back to the MHA output for a brief period? Who knows?

Doubt it, more like go back in-house.
Is a no brainer now with on-site IP cloud kit where the whole Pres chain can be performed within a 1RU blade server with no specialised hardware anymore, all IP in and IP out.
Outsourced in the past was arguably cost effective in the SDI baseband world with specialised hardware which took up several RUs’ sometime across multiple racks. Not anymore.

They might come to a deal where TBS takes over DR, same as for existing 7 & 9, and for primary playout to go to NPCmedia. Who knows?

There must be some teething problems with this change.
I was watching Highway Patrol via 7mate Canberra tonight and every now and again the footage froze up or went to black screen.

The footage froze just after break very briefly but the PRG still animated correctly over the still image.
Later the screen randomly went to black but with the 7mate watermark still on screen.

Happened a few times during the episode for a second or two at a time


I’ve also seen a lot of dirty 7 creep through.


Do tell :heart_eyes:


It’s been thrusting its way into every crack it can find.