Seven & Nine News (SCA)

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Remember all of the other updates that are recorded there too for Nine Tas and other markets which takes up time.


Nightly News 7 Spencer Gulf - afternoon update


Wednesday’s bulletin featured new mix cubes:



Some caps from Monday and last night bulletin:

I also did montages (for what they are worth, even though the full bulletin is available online):


Looks really good.


Looks like they’ve gone back to a chroma key


Louise Hedger currently doing a Live cross (I believe live, although it doesn’t have the new live tag they’ve been using this week) to the Tasmanian bulletin from the Domain in Hobart. That would likely be another reason why the Spencer Gulf bulletin is currently recorded so early, if Louise is needed for other crosses around the south of the state, she’ll need time to get out there and get ready for the cross.

I’ll put up a video later with the new live tag and also an example of their fire coverage from the other night with a cross to two reporters at the same time.


From tonight’s bulletins:


I wonder what the problem is with the backdrop in Hobart? It seems it’s a coin toss for whether or not the globe will be spinning.

It happened when the Tasmania news came out of Hobart over Christmas and Boxing Day too.


Are the Nine Tasmania and Seven Darwin/Central updates back on yet?


The VAST channel has been empty all week. Perhaps from Monday? I thought they would have started again when Seven Spencer Nightly Gulf Local Nightly News on 7 Spencer Gulf relaunched.


Haven’t seen any on Nine Tasmania yet but I also haven’t been watching Nine much but I’ve been keeping an eye out for them.


To save me uploading 7 News Tas have just uploaded their bushfire coverage from earlier tonight.

It includes the 3 way cross as I mentioned earlier but also the new LIVE bug which I think only really started appearing last week but now has a clock on there as well.
The fire on the map is also animated now as well.

Louise Hedger down at Huonville which I think is about an hour away from Hobart. Did she still do the Spencer Gulf bulletin earlier or is the new person from SA now down here?


When you get the shrubs perfectly focused, but not your talent.


The colours on that super look fantastic!


The red looks so much better than the blue. Much more Seven-esque. Shame it’s not the default.


Was surprised to see no mention of the fires in the newsbreak a few minutes ago despite the Miena fire still being at Emergency level and several at Watch and Act and Advice levels but they just had a scrolling message across the cricket, I’ll get some caps shortly.

EDIT: The same message has been scrolling through on TDT9 on the tennis also. Haven’t checked WIN yet, watching the Hurricanes win again. :smiley:


Took a little while to get it, looks like there was also a special update just briefly reading the emergency warning message around the 7th over too. Then this one appeared just before the Strikers innings finished (they started it then went to an adbreak and then restarted it again later) and then has appeared again during the Hurricanes innings a couple of times.

Attempt 2 for them:


7News music now mixed in at the opener of Nightly News 7 Spencer Gulf


Surely that’s an error?