Seven & Nine News (SCA)

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Seems like Seven News really hates being in Tasmania and South Australia. Nightly News on 7 Spencer Gulf? Sounds even worse than Nightly News 7 Tasmania.

Surely Seven Spencer Gulf News or Spencer Gulf Nightly News or something like that would work better?


One really wonders what Broken Hill residents think of the “Nightly News (for) 7 Spencer Gulf” name! :confused:

Aside from that, I’m not overly surprised to hear about the rebrand. One thing which will be extremely interesting to see (or more to the point hear) is whether or not Seven News’ current theme music is used, with that nearly 30 year old production track finally being retired after at least 15 years of use as the theme music for local news on Central-Southern Cross-Seven GTS/BKN.


I was born in Broken Hill and i’m currently home for holidays.

A lot of people that I know here and even some friends that live in the Spencer Gulf don’t like the new name.

Some also mentioned “Nightly” means every night and we don’t get a local bulletin on weekends unlike Tasmania so not sure how that works!


I will be recording it tonight if it’s shown on VAST. Not sure if the late start on 7TWO will be a problem.


Casey Treloar image (the Pt Lincoln video journalist in 2018) will anchor the bulletin from Hobart.


At this stage none of the social media accounts have been updated with the new name.


Website has been updated but although I did see there facebook page change on there profile pic but then they deleted it


Can put a live stream up for Nightly News 7 Spencer Gulf if anyone’s interested. 7pm SA time. See profile for link.


The local news twitter page has been renamed to Spencer Gulf Nightly News…


Facebook cover photo:


Thanks @Jer for the stream!

Supers are the same but with a modified logo. Opener and set looks great! No OTS yet.


Overall first thoughts?

Set/studio - 1000% improved
Graphics and OTS - minor tweak and felt tacky. Hoped they would adopt the Tasmania graphics after all its “nightly News”
Theme - Unchanged - again hoped it would have been updated to the 7 news theme.

Overall some small improvements. Felt that they will make a few more tweaks in the coming days and weeks (i.e a voice over at the start, new mic cubes, etc)


Yeah. Other than the set and the opener, the rest was hardly touched. It’s as if it’s still produced in Canberra and only the studio has changed. Even saw a few Southern Cross News things leak through.

Not much thought put into it at all really.



Weather before and after:

Talk about pure laziness…

Surely Tassie could have knocked up a backdrop?

Plus, they literally pasted a screenshot of the opener onto the super and called it a day. It’s like a mock, only worse.



The annoying thing is, they have all the Tasmania supers at their command in Hobart, as evident in the Darwin and Central updates and the new SA backdrop. It’s not like they’re waiting for them to be sent over from Launceston, so what’s keeping them?

Not changing the theme is strange too, you’d think “Nightly News” would give them the chance to create a new unified brand accross both bulletins.


Social media has now been updated. IMO a mistake that they didn’t create new profiles on the old handles to redirect users.

Twitter: @SpencerGulfNN
Facebook: @SpencerGulfNightlyNews

Why not use the same handle for both profiles? “SpencerGulfNightlyNews” is available on Twitter… :roll_eyes:


The reporters all signed off with “7 Spencer Gulf News”


Haha, you can’t even properly read the “Spencer Gulf” text of the logo! :laughing:

Although I hardly had high expectations for this relaunch (it’s certainly unrealistic to expect TCN-like On-Air Presentational magic from the smallest full local news bulletin in Australia), this rebrand attempt is very poor IMO.

Unless there’s something I’m missing here, wouldn’t it make more sense to use all the same graphics as the Tasmanian bulletin but with some relevant tweaks to make the look relevant for GTS/BKN?

If for whatever reason the proper Seven News theme music can’t be used on the GTS/BKN bulletin, at the very least I think they could’ve switched to a more recent piece of production music!


I miss the old Tasmania set :pensive: