Seven & Nine News (SCA)

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Tell that to NBN, who still has troubles branding their bulletin as ‘NBN News’ even though 99% of the station is called Nine.

Some people can’t get over the fact that iconic brands will be eventually eliminated (especially in the current TV landscape). By naming it SC7 News, both sides win. New brand will flow through easily as loyal viewers tune in to an iconic brand night after night.


I don’t think the situations at SCA Tasmania and NBN/Nine Northern NSW are entirely comparable though.

One is an affiliate who wants to use full-on network branding, the other is a station owned by the network (or at least the parent company) who seems to have a strong desire to retain the very little local autonomy they have left because up until relatively recently, they were allowed to essentially operate as an independent affiliate despite network ownership.


Louise Hedger must have been in Hobart for the news, she didn’t do the nightly updates though, Tom Johnson from Launceston did each of those. Louise now doing a live cross to The Latest. Seven are certainly using the 7 Tasmania reporters tonight!


For those ‘still’ wondering what the Hobart set looks like


Also not bad at all!


what do they use the Hobart set for?


TDT9 news updates, some of the other SCA updates, lately while Jo is on holidays the full bulletin has been from there with Louise Hedger.


I can see the main production eventually moving to Hobart. Maybe not soon, but one day for sure.


Perfect place to relocate the SA bulletin (hopefully!). They’ve got enough of the set to replicate the Tasmanian bulletin almost shot-for-shot.

Globe backdrop, uncover the desk, a nice opening zoom like they do for the Tasmania bulletin and Bob’s your uncle.


Casey Treloar has been announced as Abbey Donaldson’s replacement


A fairly decent presenter choice - Casey was the video journalist in Port Lincoln (as of last year) so should be a familiar face to viewers of the bulletin.

Of course that tweet also confirms the move of presentation from Canberra to Hobart (which I think means that all SCA-produced TV content will now be presented in Tasmania?), so it’ll be interesting to see if the On-Air Presentation is updated.


Shouldn’t SA-based bulletin be produced out of Adelaide? It has all the personnel and technology available.


Tasmania montage from last night:

The Latest promo:


I doubt they share the same agreement they have with Nine in regards to using capital city stations to produce regional bulletins, thus they’re still producing in-house.

Now that they’ve ceased production from Canberra, that leaves only Tasmania.


SCA doesn’t have a TV studio space in Adelaide though. So they’d need to lease a space then outfit it with new tech.

In an ideal world the studio presentation would be local in Port Pirie or Whyalla, but SCA already has all the (recently updated) studio facilities it needs in Hobart. Bonus that they’re more extensive than what we were getting in Canberra.


Apologies to @Nick @RegionalSATV and @SA_TV


I agree. Even though locally based presentation would be even better, it makes perfect sense for SCA to use the recently updated facilities in Tasmania as their main hub for all of their TV news bulletins/updates, including the regional SA service which next week will have production/On-Air Presentation standards to potentially rival Seven Adelaide in some ways!

For all the criticism (some of it quite deserving, I might add) that SCA has copped on these forums over the years for the quality of their On-Air Presentation & regional news products, I’ll at least give them credit for maintaining a sizeable production/presentation in Tasmania unlike WIN who’ve centralised the presentation of all bulletins in Wollongong.



  1. Not mentioning the other national Seven bulletins. (“early, Sunrise, morning, afternoon, evening” they could’ve said)
  2. Is the presenter faking the “and now, late night” in front of SCA’s engineering department? I can see the green screen… It’s coming out of Canberra I see.


I think we’ve all honestly been surprised at how much the visual production quality of their bulletins and updates have increased in the past year. The Tasmanian bulletin (and soon the SA bulletin) has gone from a duct-taped hand-me-down set, old camera systems, outdated supers/graphics to brand new facilities and metro equivalent presentation. The presentation of the noodle updates has likewise improved.

Splash a bit of much needed cash and they’ve lifted their entire news portfolio.