Seven & Nine News (SCA)

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I think I’ll finally be able to use my proper computer again tomorrow after not being able to use it since the op last week (been struggling through using a laptop and mobile devices) so I’ll get a few videos which @Abesty has requested and also a couple of new caps. It looks like the 7 Tasmania News has been coming from Hobart for Christmas Day and Boxing Day as Louise Hedger has been presenting who is one of the Hobart reporters. One thing bugging me last night was being able to see the corner of the chair behind her at different points but tonight that was gone so they must have changed the chair unless she went to Launceston but I doubt that.


That, and no opening shot of the set. Boxing Day also had the backdrop frozen for some reason.


Ok, while I’m waiting for a few of the videos to sort themselves out, here’s some of the caps from the scenic shots after the first ad break and the three sports grounds just before sport - Bellerive Oval (Hobart), York Park (Launceston) and West Park (Burnie). Doesn’t look like Devonport Oval or any other sports grounds feature.

The sports grounds:


Here’s one video, sorry about the last bits of the IGA ad at the beginning. This was from the Christmas Eve bulletin and contains Peter Murphy showing off some green screen wardrobe issues, the Santa Tracker™ with the local aspect from what looks like Launceston Airport (even though I believe Air Traffic Control is actually from Melbourne, so it could be from there) and then what I got of the closer.


Montage of the Christmas Day bulletin:


How much of the Launceston set is replicated in Hobart? Presumably no further than the vertical perspex side panels?


7 News Tasmania played a blooper reel at the end of tonight’s news did anyone get it recorded?


Just uploading it now!


And here it is! The ending to tonight’s 7 Tasmania News with special fireworks effects at the end which were pretty cool!


That’s the funniest sneeze I’ve ever heard! :joy:


That’s what I said. The clip with Jo saying what she said about Mundine had a woman from Sydney saying it was very unprofessional on Facebook but it was quite funny. Don’t think I have the recording still though. She said her comment and then she regretted it and said ‘I probably shouldn’t say that’.


Swap Mundine for any sports team ever and it’s not so ‘unprofessional’ is it? People are so sensitive.


I See Seven Tasmania Reporter Jessie Gilmour has been Doing the Weather Three Nights in a Row, Has Britt Allen Left the Station Of Sort?


A 7 Tasmania Exclusive!


Should be a “Nightly News Exclusive”!! :rage:


Prime7 has done like that in their “National” News for NSW bulletin markets. They take the clean “exclusive” ones and covers up the “First on 7 News” with the “First on (insert Prime7 logo).” Don’t know why the reporter faced the 7 Tasmania mic on the camera, though.


Louise Hedger presented again, I assume from Hobart. Didn’t check the beginning to confirm. It was also the first time that her and Peter Murphy have been on the same bulletin.

Also, Rachel Williams had her 8th anniversary since her return to Southern Cross News which would mean it’s been 8 years since Kim Millar left.

As mentioned in the Seven cricket thread, Tom Cooper is the boundary rider for the Big Bash game tonight as the commentary team couldn’t get there.


It seems like a great product 7 Tasmania put to air, put yeah they should have just called it 7 Tasmania News.


Or Southern Cross 7 News. Keep the legacy of the iconic brand and introduce the new brand as well. Problem solved.


Why? The channel is called 7 Tasmania now, that defeats the purpose of the rebrand.