Seven & Nine News (SCA)

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That V/O is shocking.

They should just do what 7 Perth used to do and open with “From the Studios of Seven Tasmania, Jo Palmer”


I think I’d prefer “Seven Tasmania News” to be the bulletin name, as per the reporter sign offs.


Has Southern Cross News Spencer Gulf got a rebrand yet?


Evidently not. Though not surprised since they’ve apparently still at Canberra (why though?!).


Montage of Monday’s bulletin:

It seems they are now leaving Seven News sign offs on the metro reports, previously they were cut off (similar to NBN with Nine News sign offs).

There are two local play ons (the one previously posted above), and one at the start of sport:

Other caps:


Why couldn’t they call it Tasmanian Nightly News? WNBC has/had New York Nightly News. Sounds lot better than Nightly News on 7 Tasmania?

Or just admit that it’s Seven’s trademark, not theirs, and revert back to Southern Cross? Since they don’t actually transmit on channel 7?


Evening news would have sounded cleaner.

I understand what they are trying to do…

Morning News (from 7)
Afternoon News (from 7)
Nightly News (from 7Tas)

But the fact that Jo and the reporters use the phrase ‘7 Tasmania News’ makes me wonder why on earth it’s just not called 7 Tasmania News… Aaaaarrrrghhh the whole thing is dumb.


The opener is actually really well done despite the name. Just wish they’d centre the graphics!!!


And the name of the bulletin could work well if they stuck to just one. But I agree, despite the non-centred elements, the “Nightly News” part (without the tacked-on “7 Tasmania”) doesn’t look half bad. Certainly more polished than Prime7’s efforts.


I’d feel better if it were The Six O’clock News rather than “your nightly news.” Something about that v/o script feels too informal to me.


How about “Tasmania Tonight” or “Tasmania at 6”?

Or even “NewsDay Tasmania”?


What about ‘Seven News Tasmania’?



I think it was well and truely established that they can’t use “7 news” or variations thereof because SevenWest media don’t have editorial control.

A suvtle distinction I’ll grant you… but there you have it


After watching that montage I actually really hate the “Nightly News 7 Tasmania” name and how it looks on screen.

Having the 7 Tasmania tacked on the bottom just looks dodgy.

They should have called it “7 Nightly News Tasmania”


Really? News to me!



Alright alright… I read quickly and didn’t appreciate the sharpness of your wit :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue:

But fair cop


Stick with 7 Tasmania News. Nothing wrong with that.


Exactly, heck even Southern Cross 7 News would sound better.


It’s not usually that sharp. Mostly as blunt as an eggplant!