Seven & Nine News (SCA)

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That was my fear when I first saw the noodle updates.


Change just occurred for the Facebook page too…

Too early to declare tonight a RELAUNCH!!!111!!!



Their Facebook Page has also been changed. Guess that Southern Cross Tasmania is reviving the Nightly News brand.


Argh. They really should just stick with Southern Cross News.


It’s ridiculous that Seven didn’t want SCA to use the name “7 News Tasmania”. Would’ve been perfect otherwise.


Email has changed to now. No change to profile picture.


If you ask me that is different enough to identify if 7News was concerned about the control of output.


Maybe Tasmanian News Bulletin - to compliment Darwin News Update lol


Clearly not ridiculous to Seven.


Betting that the SA bulletin will become Local News 7 SA (or whatever location identifyer they decide to use). “Nightly News” might be better because it would somewhat unify the brand, but they’re also two different formats (composite vs. full local).

Might they finally move the SA bulletin to Tasmania as well? The noodle updates have already scored a significant visual upgrade as a result. Hobart’s even got a downsized Launceston set they could consider reading live. Spin it into a mini-celebration for GTS/BKN’s 50 years of broadcasting.


Would have much preferred “7 Tasmania News” with a different font/design to satisfy Seven. Even “7 Tasmania Nightly News”


Hello officer, I’d like to report a crime:



It’s the mismatched fonts, isn’t it? :hushed:


All they’d need to do is move that 7 Tasmania to above and it would look, read and sound so much better than that.


I agree.
7 Tasmania Nightly News would be SOO much better than Nightly News 7 Tasmania.

It’s going to sound ridiculous on air hearing reporters sign off with that


I’m wondering if they’ll just sign off with “Nightly News”, using that as the unifying brand instead.

I’d actually like the opening V/Os to go something like:

Tasmania, this is your Nightly News. Live from Launceston, with Jo Palmer.
Spencer Gulf, this is your Nightly News. Live, with Abby Donaldson.

Edit: I know that the SA bulletin is pre-recorded. “Live” is wishful thinking once they move production to Hobart (or Launceston).


They won’t acknowledge Launceston. They might say the 7 Tasmania headquarters.



A shame they are ditching the current look, it was the most polished and refined package Southern Cross News Tasmania ever had imo! :fearful:


The graphical look in that pic is basically Seven News-esque in all but the absolutely horrendous name, isn’t it?