Seven & Nine News (SCA)

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I’m sure it’s been mentioned before, but it’s interesting Nine is okay with TDT using its name and graphics package for Tasmania’s noodle updates.

Also interesting the TDT noodles include vision.


lol only Southern Cross can screw something so simple up.


It’s only file but its a hell of an improvement.


That update is much better aesthetically than what was done out of Canberra. though keeping the flipper would have been good, and some OTSs.

I assume the Tas and SA bulletins will be renamed accordingly too. Nightly News on 7 Tasmania, Local News on 7 GTS/BKN, or something like that.


I’m thinking they’re not going to worry too much about the title card until they’ve got the Tasmanian rebrand solved (if it’s still happening at all). The Tasmanian title card will have to be redone so they’ll probably get the same graphics team to smash out matching ones for SA, Darwin and Central.


As far as Southern Cross News Tasmania is concerned, I reckon the branding status quo will remain for now. It mightn’t be the best in the world, but at least the “Southern Cross News” brand is distinctive and one the market is familiar with, unlike “NEWS AT SIX > 7 TASMANIA” or something tacky like that! :confused:


I believe the SA bulletin will be recorded on the Tasmanian set rather than chromakey.


Looks to be no change to the SA bulletin. No graphics change so presumably still in Canberra. But the lighting has been fixed after almost a month.

Monday 5th

Tuesday 6th


No… they arent!

Nearly everything written here is totally incorrect… just saying!


Would you help shed some light then, please?


Would be better if they returned it back to the Port Pirie studio on Wandearah Road. Could do it Live again like they did before moving it to Canberra a decade ago. A lot of the news is a day (or days) old because of the such early deadlines.


If there’s even still the facilities to present news bulletins (somehow I doubt this), the Port Pirie studios would have to undergo major upgrades for there to be acceptable production standards for 2018/19. Can’t see SCA forking out the cash for a market of only…isn’t it 135k-ish or so?


The Port Pirie studio is just offices now days, but would it be that hard to move the equipment from Canberra to Port Pirie? What do they need? a green screen, desk, cameras, lights, computers etc. Doesn’t have to be that much of a major setup. They certainly would have the room there for it in one of the old broadcast studios in the building.


GWN7’s new digs is a good example of how a remote studio could be done. Would still need to be controlled from somewhere though. Considering SC News SA doesn’t have any local presenters, there would probably be no point. Best to just utilise Hobart studio I reckon.


Yes, with all he funding and resources SCA like to put into their news… I mean you have to hand it to the, it’s the most under resourced news bulletin the country I’d say but they get it done pretty well. I am sure moving it to Hobart will lift the standards a bit.


The graphics are very professionally designed for an under resourced bulletin (with exception to the key - yuck!)


Alex Sykes presented the SA bulletin on Friday night, but she said she was just filling in for Abbey:


Quality looks better must mean it was possibly produced in Tasmania also lack of ots and possible the background wasn’t keyed



I hope that’s from an on air package and not something a journo with a great eye for design made up for social media.