Seven & Nine News (SCA)

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Looks like they’ve been sent a copy of the Tasmanian graphics package. Are they using file vision now?


Didn’t see any in this one. I’m not expecting file vision as they probably won’t be able to hide all the Tasmanian elements.


Considering how they’re not allowed to use the 7 News brand, that’s not a bad workaround, I guess. The graphics are crummy, as expected.

Does SCA have a radio station in Darwin? If so, maybe they should do the news update from there or label it as such.

News Update > Hot 100 Darwin …

Free promo, and fulfils regulatory requirements.


Here’s the video.

They tried to replicate the 7 News opener, including the spinning globe and the moving glass panes. It’s probably the best “SC Canberra style” opener I’ve seen. The animation of the 7 logo and the words ruins it I reckon. Way too slow.

Random Mocks

They got really lazy towards the end of that bulletin. Two local rip and reads, and Westpac’s profit announcement (!?!?!).


Hot 100 and Mix 104.9 are owned by Grant Broadcasters AFAIK.


Ah. Yes. I see that SCA has no NT stations. So scrub that brainfart…


So they’ve used the SC Tas weather graphics, they should have just bitten the bullet and called it an SC Darwin news update and used all the Tasmanian graphics.


Long live ‘Cool-3D’… anyone play around with that back in the 90s?


I wonder if “News > 7 Tasmania” was the plan after they couldn’t use “7 News Tasmania”?

Any changes to GTS/BKN yet, or are those still out of Canberra?

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To be fair, I think Seven should just purchase Tasmania at least so they can control the editorial output of the news service. SC News is pretty much identical to Sevens News service so either way regardless who controls it people will pretty much associate the news with channel 7 if they are watching it on channel 7.


I reckon they would if SCA ever went tits up. At the moment, I don’t think they see any benefit in it.


The whole state or just the SC TV station? I could see benefits to both!

Would a deal like that cause issues with the new Nine News Tasmania updates? We’ve finally got a decent product there!

I’d be interested in hearing if there was more to the editorial changes. Eg. would it have included things like staffing changes (less staff or reporters) or changes to the product which likely wouldn’t work down here (maybe Peter Murphy not being allowed to say what he does for instance!)


It’s funny watching all the noodle updates on VAST channel 410 now. Wow Alex you do get around!


Just a shame that the Seven Darwin updates are still using that Ten-esque (and by that, it’s like the theme music a comedy show would use if they were doing Ten News skits) theme music though…


Yeah they should have updated the theme. At least their viewers are familiar with it, I suppose.


Weird that she says Hi to intro the bulletin, surely there is a more formal way to introduce the bulletin.


“Yo, Sykes dawg gotchu covered. Shits going down in Devonport…”


SC News Tasmania montage from last night:


Backdrop is looping in reverse on tonight’s Evening update: