Seven & Nine News (SCA)

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News headlines for Central and Darwin to be read from SCA Hobart from Monday.

Nine (Southern Cross)

Are the updates for Darwin on ten Darwin anyways?


Is the South Australian bulletin still done from Canberra?


Makes sense considering the facility got an upgrade.


Nope, Seven Darwin is where they’re aired.


For now but it will also move to Hobart, likely in the new year.


It would seem alll of SCA’s non-Nine news operations are moving to Hobart?

Does that mean Ali Drower will move too, leave the company or move to a new role?


Her twitter suggests she’s already gone.

And with the SC building in Canberra slated for the bulldozer you’d assume they’ll just move to an office now with no need for any kind f studio facility.


Thanks, didn’t know that. Makes sense I guess now that Nine handles most of SCA’s TV news operations

Canberra was also the SCA playout centre wasn’t it? Who handles that now? Has it been outsourced?


If I’m not mistaken, SCA playout is still being done from Canberra for now but there are plans to move it to the joint Seven/Nine facility at Frenchs Forest.


You’re right… apparently the change happens in 2020 (Google is my friend)

So that means there’ll be 2 major outsource centres for play out; MediaHub for ABC, Win, Prime7 and assorted others and NPC for Seven, Nine, SCA and presumably others.

That’s leaves just 10 and SBS doing their own playout?


Some (perhaps all now?) of SBS’s services are outsourced too. I forget which company does it though.

Edit: It’s Deluxe Australia.


Because she was slightly vague about where a bushfire was?


No because she’s taken the reference to being an SCA News director off it.


She’s a fantastic presenter, hopefully we’ll see more of her.


New 7 Darwin update. Videos soon.


They can’t call it 7 News so it’s titled News Update > 7 Darwin?


Looks like it… definitely treading on thin ice, but then again Seven may not care as much about 2 minute noodle updates vs a whole SCA bulletin advertised as being a Seven product?


Seems that Seven didn’t supply them with graphics I see :stuck_out_tongue:


Won’t be able to upload tonight as I had to leave. Uses same music as before and the animation is pretty cheap looking. Interesting backdrop though