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Sent the cap to Media Watch and I’ve just sent the video, will hopefully be in tomorrow’s Media Bites!

Here’s the upload video, sorry the recording cut out early during the weather. Bonus question, anybody know what an “establement” is?


“More than two dozens of the marsupials…”

That’s not quite right either


And “Tasmania Devils”


All the things that spell check allow to slip through.


Then “Eye of The Tiger” would become “Eye of The Devil” to them.


For all the faults (and there are many) with Nine News’ regional bulletins, at least they’ve still got higher quality production values than the “Local News Headlines” Updates that TDT viewers still have to put up with…


You’re in the big leagues now!


Must be the secret to running a successful restaurant… turn it into an establement. Another SCA quality exclusive!


Google tells me establement is a Catalan word meaning ‘in a stable manner’. Maybe she had a bet to slip a Catalan word into the news break that night!


Have talked to a couple of people about it all and they’ve all provided some great ones from recent weeks. I might have to actually pay more attention to these updates, I missed some of these!

  • Apparently Craig Lowndes won the Formula 1 Bathurst 1000 the other day.
  • The Tasrail derailment in Devonport the other week included a picture of a train from Devonport, just the wrong country. It was either UK or New Zealand.

and several other made up words, wrong graphics or typos.


To be fair, though, there are single person YouTube channels with higher production values than SC’s in-house noodle updates.


Quite a few technical issues with the sports stories on tonight’s bulletin, a lot of them not playing. Happened during Jo’s part too but that was also for a sports story. Sports was done from Hobart so not sure if there was an issue there.

Also, what must have been one of Peter Murphy’s worst comments to Jo, which she took remarkably well and I did chuckle at (in one of those, it was funny but I shouldn’t be laughing chuckles!) - he said something along the lines of “If I’d known the Cash Cow auditions were on, I’d have brought in my costume as well. It’s a job I’ve always wanted!”


I always find it odd how GTS/BKN transfer from Seven News Adelaide to their local news. The SNA bulletin fades out right after the weather (almost) to avoid a mention of Today Tonight. Then they play a outdated Seven News opener from 2011 (national version), but clean! Then Southern Cross News start.


Yes … here’s two instances from earlier this year:


It wouldn’t be hard for SCA to request Seven pre-record a post-weather banter with a cross to the local news and send it over to Canberra every night.

[hand back from Weather]
Thanks Amelia. [INSERT BANTER] Your local news with Abbey Donaldson is up next. From all of us here, goodnight.


Sounds easy and it should take no effort to achieve… but you just know life is never that simple.

What you suggest is a good idea… but it would require a definitive outcue at the end of the weather “and that’s your forecast” would do and then a pause to allow for a clean exit. If that doesn’t happen it would look even worse than it does now.


That second one was pretty good.


Plus GTS BKN isn’t that big of a market.

It’s not like Georgie Gardner handing over to WIN News in NSW early


True… it’s certainly not a disaster as it is… but it is untidy and just seems to tail off. It offends my sense of order and precision.


Former SC Newsreader Kim Millar is filling in for Piia Wirsu currently on ABC Northern Tasmania.