Seven & Nine News (SCA)

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I think “We haven’t missed a day for over half a century” is quite a burn.


Noodle updates on 7 Central are now using the generic Nine-inspired ‘Local News’ opener. But they still show the SC logo on supers and OTS. :roll_eyes:


…but still with the “Ten-inspired” theme music, I’m guessing?


Yep, same music.


I don’t know if I’d call it Ten-inspired. The old title cards certainly were, but the music seems pretty generic.


Whoops. :joy:


Did it drop live on air?
Did they fix it?


I know I’m being dim, but what’s with the “Whoops” ?


Because that went to air before it was able to be fixed after the first story or during the first break? :thinking:


Oh, I see it now!! #slowasawetweekend


Happens to the best of us. :joy::+1:


From back in late July.


There was a report on tonight’s bulletin from Paul Kadak which actually included Tasmanian aspect to it. It was about childcare workers going on strike later this week affecting hundreds of centres across Australia and including 11 in Tasmania. Then it included some Tasmanian footage and an interview with someone from the union about a protest occurring on Parliament Lawns in Hobart later in the week.
Apart from that it certainly appeared as a national report. Ordinarily when we’ve had stories like that it would have done the same but would have had Melbourne or Sydney figures in it. Is this a shift to closer synergy between Seven News and Southern Cross News? Could the Seven News switch happen after all one day?



Do they need some more lights in the studio.


Amy Stevenson has left SCA. I wonder who’s presenting the TDT updates now? Probably Abbey Donaldson.


Not sure where my post from yesterday went but it is Tamara Strachan.

See if you can find what else is wrong in the following cap!


Surely they’d be laughed off the air if that went to air in Tassie?


It went to air alright, in the update between The Block and True Stories. I’ll record it and upload.


Oh my, that really is substandard.