Seven & Nine News (SCA)

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The place to discuss Southern Cross Austereo’s regional TV news services. Including…

“Nightly News” on Seven Tasmania
Southern Cross News for Regional SA/Broken Hill
News Updates on Seven Darwin & Central Australia
Nine News Tasmania Updates.

Old thread:

Nine News Regional
Ten (Southern Cross)
Nine (Southern Cross)

I’m thinking a simple “Southern Cross News” or at worst “Southern Cross Ten News / Southern Cross News” for the title of this topic, just to save space and so it looks consistent with the other topics. What are your thoughts?


Good idea. Admittedly I thought that the other one was a bit long! :slight_smile:


Same! Looks much better.


I prefer ‘Southern Cross Ten/Southern Cross News’ rather than simply just ‘Southern Cross News’. Just looks better IMO. :slightly_smiling_face:


Snazzy new promo for SC News SA popped up on facebook and on TV.


Looks and sounds remarkably similar to this one for One News in NZ 10 years ago.


Southern Cross News SA returns tonight from 6.30pm.


New greenscreened back drop for sc news


New look to SC10 noodle updates - now even uglier! Video later.


the key makes it look like the set is on an angle. very off putting


That is terrible, why do they even bother? Looks & sounds like amateur hour.


A very slight improvement on the old laptop set-up which partially blocked the presenter on a very tight camera shot, but the presentation of SC10’s News Updates still have plenty of room for improvement even after the updated format IMO!


This is the new look.

Note that these 3 updates totalling just 2 minutes are the entire local news broadcast across the day. All other updates are news or weather updates from Brisbane newsroom.


Why is she holding an iPad like that? Looks so ridiculous. And that is news? It’s so terrible. These have so much potential - and these people who proud e them have no idea


[quote=“KICK-IT, post:15, topic:239”]
Why is she holding an iPad like that? Looks so ridiculous
[/quote]It looks like she was triggering the graphics to move to the next highlight. I agree it looks silly.


looks like amature hour,

as always there can be better done


Yes - that was the impression that was supposed to be given. Terrible.


Still doing seated updates:


There were no changes to Southern Cross News SA last night.