Seven News Regional (formerly Prime7/GWN7 Local News)

no but have asked the question

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Stephen Murphy presenting :slight_smile:

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Tonight the news was back to normal in the main studio,


According to a Mediaweek article about the growth of, Seven’s head of digital news, Brett McKeehan has said this in regards to regional news being included on there:

”We have much stand-alone video content and we plan to host as much regional video content as we can. What I want to see is key Prime markets represented with their own pages with key television packages available. That means someone in Orange could search and see all their local stories in a dedicated place on the site. That will be coming sooner rather than later.”

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They haven’t been able to do it for 7Qld over the last 4 years, so seems ambitious.


Most likely 7QLD and 7Regional added at the same time.

Probably as simple as adding a tab to the site and having the local bulletin’s stories uploaded onto the website that auto-tags to all markets it went out to.

In response to somebody asking the question of “how is Seven Local News Wollongong and Seven Local News Canberra going” is was the then prime local news a high rating news service in Newcastle, Wollongong and Canberra at the time prior to the news bulletin ceasing to exist in 2001?

P.S. It was a topic raised in the other thread but I moved it to the current thread because I didn’t want to be off topic

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huh? I’m so lost

NBN has done quite well with uploading videos to their website instead of social media for around 5 years now. It monetises the content, ie - when you click to watch a story the video is surrounded by ads. Always wondered why more regional stations haven’t followed.

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They’re referring to this in the NBN News thread:

Dan presented the updates last night, and again tonight

In the above conversation, the comment about Seven Local News Canberra and Seven Local News Wollongong relates to the claim by Kick-It that moving a Newcastle based local news of a Nine affiliate (or O&O service) would mean that Seven would launch local news.

My question was sarcasm because the belief that Seven would do that is still undetermined. My suggestion that Nine could do a separate local news to a national news service is based on the fact that most Nine affiliated stations have Local News at 5:30pm. In the long term, the financial aspect of reducing operational costs could win out

Dubbo office today


Are there any other buildings still waiting for the 7 branding?

Wagga Wagga still waiting last I heard.


7 Branding (thanks to other members)

Ballarat - Yes
Bendigo - Unsure
Shepparton - Unsure
Tralagon - Unsure
Albury - Yes

Wollongong - Unsure
Canberra - Yes
Dubbo - Yes
Orange - Unsure
Wagga - Unsure

Tamworth - Yes
Lismore - Unsure
Coffs - Yes
Newcastle - Unsure
Gosford - Unsure
Taree - Unsure

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Yes, with a small Seven News billboard on the side. Not sure when it changed though, as I’ve moved in the last year (I used to live around the corner from it).

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I think it was in the last month as I went past a Christmas time(and been going past an not noticing it the last week)

NBN is not an affiliated station.

It’s a network owned station.

NBN has the highest rated local news at 6 of any nine station in the country.

More people watch TV at 6 then 530 and ad revenue is significantly higher at 6 then 530

Moving NBNs most watched show of local news out of primetime would be revenue suicide. And putting out of market Sydney local news at 6 would be revenue suicide too.

NBN has had local news at 6 for 40+ years. Moving it would Murder ad sales and revenue