Seven News Regional (formerly Prime7/GWN7 Local News)

Yeah that’s the only option if Seven News Sydney is rating well. I hope it happens in Regional Victoria too if we get local news bulletins as I’ll be able to watch the whole thing.

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With all the on-off talk about expanding regional news, a good question is what does everyone on Media Spy think would be the best way to do it?

  • 7Regional model: Local news at 6pm, repackaged national/state news at 6:30
  • 7QLD model: Local news at 6pm, cut-down metro news at 6:30
  • Local news at 5:30, 6pm metro news untouched

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On the 7Regional model, instead of making a fully separate 6:30 bulletin for Victoria could they follow in the footsteps of Nine Regional and 10 News First and have Daniel Gibson pre-record state inserts with the national stories read live for both NSW and Victoria?


I would prefer local news at 6pm, metro news on 30 min delay at 6.30, but it shifts to 7two at 7pm for the last half hour. We see ‘channel changes’ all the time during sport, why not with news? It’s not confusing.

7 7two
6.00 7 News Local 5.30 Escape to the Country
6.30 7 News Metro 6.30 Bargain Hunt
7.00 Home & Away 7.00 7 News Metro (continued)

The benefits are

  • Local news remains at the perfect time
  • Minimal effort with a simple delay of the metro bulletin
  • Seven’s flagship metro bulletin would still get exposure to regional audiences
  • Viewers can choose to watch the full hour if they wish.

Perhaps a slight remodelling of the metro bulletin to include a decent sports and weather wrap within the first half hour would be needed. But all in all, it has to be the most efficient and beneficial way to do this.


I like that approach, as I don’t watch Home and away. However, I don’t think Seven will implement it.

How about another option, the NBN option with local windows as a 1 hour package all up?
And or metro bulletin to cover National and State news properly with local break out windows for news and weather?
As what is proposed with 90 mins is way too long with 2 lots of fluff and filler to pad out in the local and metro bulletin (including real estate advertorials Gold Coast News style) and cutdowns can be messy at best of times as they are not always seamless.


A better option for WA, is like what the ABC in WA did many many years ago when the ABC used to produce a separate 7pm bulletin for Perth viewers only and a fully separate regional 7pm for the rest of WA statewide, but not into Perth. Using this example, the existing 6pm Seven Perth bulletin would only be screened in Perth, and a fully 6pm separate bulletin for the rest of WA as a composite local, state, national news bulletin produced replacing the standalone 5.30 local bulletin?

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The way national playout is now, they can’t do local program inserts. That’s why 7Qld no longer does the news replay on 7 two.

Plus it would be messy as they always push to things coming up, so you wouldn’t know if a story is coming up in the current half hour or the next half hour. And pre-recording an out…there’s too many moving parts for this to be viable.

Personally I think they should produce a truly national bulletin for 6.30 that goes to RNSW and 7 Qld, and then they can run that at 7pm on 7two. Fronted by the likes of Ange Cox or whoever does Sydney weather.


In my opinion, 7 Regional should do the same as Albury/7QLD does. It makes more consistency around the east coast with scheduling. Upgrade the systems and make RQLD/RNSW/RVIC one unified package.

For WA, I think they should air regional news at 5:30 with metro news at 6pm. This way has been used for years, so it would be best not to touch it unlike on the east coast where the timeslot has been changed before.

However, what I like to see is Seven doing something similar to the ABC. Like I said earlier in the thread, if Seven buy SCA’s Seven operated stations, they should launch 1-hour bulletins for Canberra and Darwin that are locally-produced. Also, make a set that can look the same for all areas. Just like the ABC.

Regional bulletins would go for a half hour, then have a cut-down metro bulletin at 6:30pm. Have the same set design for the regional bulletins. This would give consistency everywhere, and no more “Canberra, Darwin, Hobart and regional areas don’t exist” bias.

they would have to cut the chase time slot

Why? It could air from 4:30pm.

they could have a 30 min version of the 4pm news

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Why would they produce and air a completely different program just for regional viewers?


Having a separate 4pm news for regional viewers is very unlikely. Most likely it would be 4pm news cut-off at 4:30pm like 7GC/9GC/WIN/GWN.


I mean The Chase

What about moving Home & Away to 7two?

6.00pm Reginal News
6.30pm Metro News

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I think we all know keeping Home and Away at 7 on 7 is their number one priority.


Retain what Prime/7Reg are doing now and just “Seven-iffy” them

But it’s the tail-end of a metro news bulletin, not a local program that requires the return of local 7two’s. Surely 7two via Prime doesn’t cover NSW and Victoria?

Again, sport coverage switches channels all the time and would have the same if not a more volatile unpredictable break away schedule than news. I admit the way Prime crashes out of the Afternoon news on GWN is shit. But I think it would be fine if they used the same sports-style channel switch notices for the last 3-5 minutes of the bulletin like they do for sports.

I really liked this bulletin when they experimented with this with Mel Doyle.

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I’d think it be better to do a NSW one and a QLD one (Qld could be done from the GC live).

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No it couldn’t. GC news is switched from Brisbane.

I think that would be an awful user experience for a nightly bulletin.