Seven News Regional (formerly Prime7/GWN7 Local News)

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A better look at the ‘screen’ used on 7 News Regional WA:


Surely they have more works planned. It’s just been plonked there.


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Let’s keep the callsign discussion in the right thread, folks images


that screen and setup looks so temporary IMO

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North Coast / National content from Tuesday to Friday last week …






Pop up


It is great they have continued to produce the 6:30 state bulletin into the new financial year, staying for now then.

I can’t help but think that their studio cameras and/or lighting are set up such that the contrast ratio is very low. Looks very flat.

With Seven News going for 90-minutes tonight, will Seven News Regional go for 45-minute local/45-minute national news or 30-minute local/60-minute national?

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So it is:

6pm: Seven Local News
6:30pm: Seven News at 6:30pm
7pm: Seven News Sydney

Seems a bit clunky.

UPDATE: It seems the national news was cancelled with Seven News Sydney airing in its place.

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(12.9.2022) - Hannah Scott presenting tonight’s Seven Regional News updates :slight_smile:

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Was watching Seven News tonight (not Nine as the footy was on) and there was a weather update with Craig Moore. The only thing was, it was not statewide but a local one just for Bendigo. How long have localised weekend weather updates been on for? Last time I checked they were statewide.

Unsure for how long but would of been a while possible same time as weekday went local.

I find it pointless anyway if Local mean more indeepth weather maybe a 7 day outlook okay. But it’s so rushed and no extra information just less locations on the screen. I personally wish they just went back to statewide

I agree.

If I am correct, Wollongong, Newcastle and Canberra do have 7-day forecasts in weather updates but the Victorian ones don’t.* I know you would see none at all as we both live in the Bendigo TV area.

They do on 7mate:

*Assumedly as Bendigo definitely don’t, would @tonks8526 be able to confirm

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Hannah Scott presenting the noodle updates again tonight :slight_smile: