Seven News Presenters and Reporters

They have gone as far as making mock horoscope graphics I’ve been told.

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Though unlikely, could this mean that he can appear on Nine News (his old employer) sometime soon?

I also know it wasn’t long ago that Olivia Leeming appeared on Seven News not long after she left in 2020 or 2021, for stories coming out of Asia.

(Off-topic, I know) And in 2018, some three months after he left Network Ten, Brad McEwan once filled in for Matt Burke on Ten Eyewitness News in Sydney.

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Pretty sure we are getting close to those slagging off Annette Sharp owing her an apology for this one.


Annette cops a bit of flack but I will say most of the time there is truth somewhere behind the article, if not 100% truth.

Anyone who doubts the astrologer isn’t being considered must have a short memory. They’ve hired Mark Humphries for a comedy sketch, on top of the ludicrous things like the things we hate about QLD / love about NSW news ticker during Origin, and some of the senior reporters and presenters they’ve let go in recent weeks.


Wow! Gone from MS… But not really. Never used to be on TVT until recently, mustn’t have been happy with his X ‘following’ :pensive:

(And I see still drooling over anything TCN-9 related. Usually wouldn’t give it the time of day, but it was the dig at us, yet again, especially with Knoxy seeing, that did it for me.)


Any reason why Ann Sanders looks directly into the wide shot camera after she says goodbye on the 4pm news? Makes me LOL everytime.


We don’t need to give that former user any extra airtime on here, especially with those cheap digs they often childishly serve out, but I think you’re reading into that a bit much?

Reads to me that they’re referring to the initial reporting of this, which came from the Daily Tele before it was obviously discussed here?

Especially since they referenced another website when posting on TVT, rather than talking about a forum.

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Wasn’t it News Corp running that story?


Will Goodings is back in Adelaide tonight.

It’s just so ridiculous. That’s why I thought it was a red herring. It’s like something from a Chaser sketch.

Out of interest, I wonder what the reaction would be if this were being plotted by Channel 9?

I wonder if it will mean anchors in other cities like Peter Mitchell, Sharyn Ghidella, Rick and Sue etc. will be forced to take leave during the Olympics as well. They would have accumulated a lot of annual leave too.

Prehaps they are going to be resting Peter in Melbourne since Mike Amor is on extended leave now. Sharyn might be as well. And while not metro, Rob Brough and Joanne Desmond in Regional QLD would probably have leave banked as well.

Steve Titmus will probably have the two weeks booked off to watch his daughter in the games, while in the case of Adelaide, Will Goodings has just been on holidays, so he may fill in solo while Rosanna is on leave. Mike Smithson could also be put on the bench since he rarely seems to be away.

As for Rick and Sue, Kerry Stokes probably let’s them do whatever the heck they like.

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Doubt it. This seems to be about pushing Fergo out.

Mark has always been stubborn to take his leave compared to others at the network. After he took over from Chris Bath he only ever has the 4/5 weeks at Christmas/New years. And that’s it.


Which over Christmas and New Years is nearly a week less from the actual leave balances because of all the public holidays too - so 4 weeks off is closer to only using 3 weeks worth of leave so it does accumulate faster.

Joel Dry was introduced as “7 News reporter” this morning on Sunrise, and during the conversation he mentioned “our bureau” referring to 7.

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Yes, he’s doing freelance work as a 7 News reporter at the London bureau.

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And about time.

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A major shakeup at 7 News in Brisbane this morning. Perhaps a knee jerk reaction to 9’s recent numbers.

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What is it?