Seven News Presenters and Reporters

I think anyone who’s contract is up for negotiation should be worried. I think Cameron may have just been bad timing.


Surely letting Rick or Sue go could save all 4 of those presenters you’ve listed.

I’m sure Seven would much prefer to let go one of the weekend co-anchors then let Seven Perth ratings slip further than the risky territory it’s in atm.


I was joking haha. Rick and Sue are untouchable.


Ouch, rough. Gotta feel for folks like these who come in and do their job every day for years on end, only to lose it because of a dying industry. Best of luck to him, and others

Didn’t expect to see Cameron Baud leaving Seven. Was it his decision or has he been made redundant?

If it is the latter, I am worried about the Melbourne news department. At worst I think 2-3 reporters could go next.

It was stated that Seven didn’t want to renew his contract.

According to the Herald Sun, sources within the newsroom say Cameron Baud’s departure couldn’t have come soon enough with many disappointed over the handling of a Seven investigation into an incident with a female colleague in the past. Melbourne staff say Baud’s behaviour has been nothing short of “despicable”.


I also remember when Seven sacked Leith Mulligan in 2012, this coming after they failed to win a single week against the might of Nine News that year.

From what I could remember, Simon Pristel, who that year was appointed HSV’s news director, was tasked with turning personnel over at the station; around this time, long-time weatherman David Brown was also replaced by (can’t remember who but I think) Giaan Rooney.


Very odd tonight. Rebecca read the Afternoon News, while we now have Blake doing the main bulletin at 6pm.

Also, Nick Etchells filling a story. Clearly short on staff.


Would more likely be Usher/Cox being reviewed, as they could just move Usher onto Spotlight full time.


Rebecca Maddern is presenting the Melbourne bulletin on her own tonight. No change to the rest of the team.


Saturday June 15 2024

Adelaide weather presenter Amelia Mulcahy returns from maternity leave.

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Isn’t she the weeknight presenter?

Who did Sydney 6pm?

Sally did.

Yes Ameila was the weekend presenter prior to going on Maternity Leave. Not sure if she is staying on weekends, or if it is just how the roster’s have been done (sometimes Gertie Spurling, the usual weekend presenter, would do some weeknights, and Casey Trealor, Amelia’s fill in, would do weekend). Could also be possible that Gertie is now on local 5pm full time (didn’t catch today’s edition so didn’t know who presented).

I just checked on 7Plus (mostly to see if Mike/Ange presented after doing Sunrise this morning - they did). Weather was presented by Amber Laidler.

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Im very confused. At dinner the 7News app gave me a notification of the Kate being at the ceremony story and the video had Sally in a red dress with the Sydney backdrop presenting the story.

How odd.

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I swear I’m telling the truth.

Unless it was an older clip attached accidentally?

Has Sally worn a red dress recently with the Sydney back drop?

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