Seven News Presenters and Reporters

Pics from Charlotte’s first weather report 7 Perth


This means that every state now has a weather presenter on both weeknights and weekends.


I find it interesting that 7 which is supposedly “cutting costs” have employed a weekend weather presenter in Perth where they haven’t had one for over a decade. I’m wondering if she may have a bigger role in that she presents the Latest 3 nights a week alongside her weekend weather duties.


Be interesting if that is what happens.
When will Perth start presenting the “Latest”

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In March

She could also be performing behind the scenes work. Just because she may not appear on screen it doesn’t mean she isn’t working.


I agree that I think she will be part of The Latest too.
Does anyone have any insider knowledge into whether Perth is getting a physical set? Or is The Latest coming from this :poop:?


One of 7 Perth’s female presenters is leaving, so Charlotte is probably replacing her.


Who’s leaving?

Not public knowledge yet.

Then why comment?

I’m surprised Charlotte started so soon.

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It might be Amelia Broun as her role was meant to be weekend weather. Won’t speculate any further though.

Amelia has never presented weekend weather

Samantha Jolly? She’s presented the weekday weather most nights for years. (not trying to be the speculative type, just thought i’d mention it given the same role shared.)

Could be Tina Alteri perhaps, IIRC she had some commitments overseas before COVID kicked in, and only came back for a stint on Today Tonight when Monika Kos was away, as well as the very rare stint on the 6pm news. Also has been around for many decades, including being one of the main presenters of Nine News Perth throughout the 90s and very early 2000s, so could be looking at scaling back her duties.

No but she often presented the local morning news, as well as an extended stint presenting Friday 4pm and 6pm weather, and filling in for Samantha Jolly when she was on maternity leave. Was also used during extended coverage of the Thailand soccer team cave rescue in 2018.

Also quick question for our WA members, but is Alison Fan still reporting. Last thing I heard early last year was that she was ‘semi retired’. Is a very good reporter IMO.

Alison hasn’t appeared on 7 for a while
She is over 70, maybe finally retired

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Tina normally does reports
on Perth’s Sunrise news and presents Perth morning news a couple of times a week!!


Syan Vallance is leaving, isn’t she?


Didn’t think of Sy. Possibly.

No as Charlotte would otherwise be presenting the weeknight weather this week.

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