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Has Ann Sanders retired or something?

Could be, although arguably Chris has proved that the role can be invaluable to the news coverage Seven is able to provide.

If she was going to retire, she would’ve made an announcement in some form; she was not going to retire suddenly or quietly.

Also worth noting, she turned 63 on the Wednesday just passed.

Though I remember David Johnston announcing his retirement on-air at the end of what would be his final 4:30 news bulletin in September 2005; I can’t remember if there were news articles that said that he would retire after that said bulletin.


Right, so she on holidays then.

Why does this same thing come up every few months?


She’s not on holidays - she’s been presenting per normal all week.


Kay McGrath with a special seniors’ report

Earlier, Paul Burt in his element today - doesn’t need rain as an excuse to get wet.

Dry again at 6pm


Kay McGrath story aired in Melb. Was excellent.


No, Seven announced David’s retirement prior to his final bulletin. It was also reported throughout the media before he stood down.


I also wonder how Seven communicated the news that Ross Symonds and Ann Sanders would be moved on at the end of 2003, though I remember a Sydney Morning Herald article that had the heading “Symonds, Sanders on the skids”.

Ian Ross aside, Mark Ferguson and Peter Overton were also thrown up as potential replacements, but both were still in their mid-30s at the time. I also remember an article that confirmed Roscoe’s appointment towards the end of that year.

At the end of Symonds/Sanders’ final bulletin, Symonds said he “wouldn’t be back [in 2004]” while Sanders said she would be back in another news role, which ended up being the weekend bulletins, and later on the Morning News (May 2006 onwards).

Some interesting insight into their very frosty relationship last week on TVBlackBox. For 6 years, the pair reportedly never spoke to each other unless they were on-air, causing much tension in the studio.

No wonder they struggled against the might of Hendo on Nine (and to a lesser extent Ron Wilson and Jessica Rowe on Ten) for the six years they anchored Seven News Sydney. However I do remember Sanders saying to Symonds at the end of their final bulletin, “Ross, it’s been a wonderful journey”.

As is well documented, ATN’s news ratings improved significantly under their successor, Ian Ross.

I also wonder if ATN management expected there would be a significant drop in their news ratings after he retired, though it must also be remembered Peter Overton started to pick up momentum at TCN, 2010 (the year after Roscoe retired) being his second year at the helm there.

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It’s been stated by Jess that Ron never spoke to her for almost 6 months after an altercation with whom would read the first story.

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Yeah, Ron isn’t a very nice guy

She is doing fewer and fewer days. She only does 4 days a week (11.30 and Sydney 4pm) normally, but she does seem to be off more and more.


She hasn’t been full-time for a long time.

She dropped to four days a week when she started doing the 4pm bulletin, four longer days vs five shorter days just doing the Morning News. And she’s always had time off throughout the year, if she’s taking more days off (though the evidence is purely anecdotal…) then it could be for any number of reasons.


Saturday 18 March and Sunday 19 March -
Estelle Griepink presenting weather in Melbourne this weekend, with Sonia Marinelli still on holidays.


And just because she isn’t on air presenting the 11:30 or 4pm news doesn’t mean she isn’t working.


Kay McGrath was on again tonight with a live report.


Her report was shown in the Sydney 6pm news tonight. It was a good change to see her.