Seven News Presenters and Reporters

  • Starting in August, US Bureau Chief Ashlee Mullany becomes Europe correspondent based in London

  • Current Europe correspondent Sarah Greenhalgh remains with Seven with a new role to be announced later this year.

  • Hugh Whitfeld remains Europe Bureau Chief.

  • David Woiwod, currently US correspondent, will take over as US Bureau Chief in May.

  • Sydney-based Mylee Hogan will also join correspondent Tim Lester in the US.


Without wanting to speculate, I think she might return home to Brisbane, as Laurel Irving did when she returned to Melbourne after her time in Europe came to an end (though she later left the network).


Are there any presenting opportunities coming up in Brisbane?

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One benefit is that Mylee will get to see her grandfather Paul Hogan more often.


Wouldn’t know but typically when foreign correspondents finish their time abroad they return to their town of origin.

Cases in point with Laurel Irving (Melbourne) and Paul Kadak (Sydney) who finished up in the States two years ago.

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I wonder if she’ll fill Mylee’s spot as Sunrise Sydney reporter and occasional reader.


Ashlee demoted? IMO, the way I read that, considering how long Hugh Whitfeld has been in that position, they could’ve moved him to something else (like what happened with Angela Cox such as an anchor), but looks like they prefer him overseeing that bureau (his coverage in recent years with Royals and other major events in Europe has been highly praised by both public and his peers) but for whatever reason didn’t want Mullany being in charge of one anymore and/or wanted to promote Woiwod? Unless it’s more to bolster up their UK rather than US. But just seems a little off for mine.

As for David, congrats, been a fan since his great stint as State Politics Editor at 10 Melbourne when Mal was still anchoring, remember him breaking into programming late one night when Premier Ted Bailieu wrnt. As for Seven, he’s done so much, seems to have become a bit of a favourite, both with viewers and clearly management.

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I wouldn’t read a lot into it. I don’t know the situations behind it but those bureau spots can become tiresome after a while and it may be that Ashlee has friends/family in London/Europe and wants a change in scenery. Besides she’s still an overseas correspondent - a real demotion would have been sending her back home :wink:

Also, bureau chief doesn’t mean a great deal other than a lot of planning and pick of the stories


I think the benefit is the career opportunities being afforded her.


Thursday (16.03.2022): Rebecca Maddern is presenting afternoon news in Melbourne from the MCG.


Yeah, I’d often wondered about that title. I remember listening to Mike Amor (when he was in his final years of being in said position after many years) on 3AW at the tennis or something around 2016 or 2017 (when he was coming down over summer to fill-in for Jen Keyte or Peter Mitchell at the time) that there was himself, Angela Cox, a producer (I’m positive he was referring to Emma Dallimore - 10’s former long time chief and now Deputy head of news at ATN Sydney) and a cameraman. So I’d imagined his role included being their direct superior, rostering, leave, budgeting and of course liaising all that back with Sydney HQ. But maybe not then…


No, but there is quite a queue in Brisbane if one does open up. Sarah was always a great reporter, so I hope does come back here locally.

I don’t think she works at 7 anymore.

I think Sarah’s actually stayed alot longer in her role than she originally intended and i believe they extended her contract in the european bureau until August this year for one year last year… so this was always the plan.

If you take a look at the type of stories Sarah has covered, Ukraine, Turkey, Queen’s jubilee, Queen’s funeral, Covid in Europe etc. She is not going to want to go back to Brisbane reporting about youth crime etc.

Also her husband Billy is from Sydney originally I think - he started his career in Sydney before moving to Queensland for work.

You would think given her calibre and experience that she could be in line for a ‘chief correspondent’ type role, similar to Chris Reason. In fact once Chris retires, she’d be perfect for that role.

From Ashlee’s perspective, there’s alot more going on in Europe compared to the US. If she starts doing what Sarah has been doing i think she’d be pretty happy with the opportunity.


You seem to be correct @nationalnews. The SMH last month reported Emma was joining the PM’s media team.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is about to unveil a familiar face from the small screen as his new press secretary – former Channel 7 and Network Ten foreign correspondent Emma Dallimore.

CBD’s informants in Capital Hill tell us Albanese’s office has been looking to bolster its firepower for some time, and Albo could do worse than the well-respected Dallimore.


Maybe not. I was just saying I want her to. As you point out, she is a great reporter.

Not Paul Kadak?

I don’t know if that’s a joke or not? Haha

I guess there are a few contenders. Sarah is definitely one of them.

All dependent on when Chris retires of course. He could easily be around for another decade, although i do remember him saying that he wouldn’t be around for the Brisbane Olympics at one point.

They will need to take care of Sarah and give her something worth sticking around for, or run the risk losing her.

It sounds to me like Ash made the call to move to London, which prompted the rest of the shakeup.

Sounds like they’re trying to find her something, else they’d just have let her go.

Sarah’s time in the UK was always coming to an end this year, i dont think she has been pushed. Ash wanting to take her place may has prompted the rest of the shakeup.


Actually, I think the role is specifically tailored for Chris and will be redundant when he leaves.