Seven News Presenters and Reporters

I wouldn’t be surprised if centralised weather is a thing in 2-3 years. In the ever changing environment, networks will be looking to save costs, and with the exception of meteorologists Tony Auden and Jane Bunn, every one else might need to watch their back. Do we really think there’d be a huge drop in ratings by having a meteorologist in another state present a three minute weather forecast?

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Sure it’s the meteorologists who are most at risk? The other weather presenters are all reporters as well. Surely that gives you more bang for your buck.

I’m saying they keep Jane and Tony, and remove the others who are not meteorologists.

Tony doesn’t use a green screen. He uses a large monitor that fills the screen.


Thanks. PQ looked too good to be a monitor. Perhaps I should clean my glasses. I maintain it will still be a noticeable difference to regular viewers given there is no throw before the break to the weatherman, no wide shot of the distinctive Sydney weather screen and no on screen interaction between the reader and presenter.

The biggest downfall of the Seven Sydney bulletin has always been the rapport between its presenters. Overton manages to bounce off whoever is on the set with him whereas Fergo’s exchanges always seem scripted and awkward. They won’t remedy that problem by following the WIN News formula of pre-record and pretend interactions between presenters. It’ll be hilarious if they continue to do this and the weather segment fails to play one night.

I’ve recently seen a few editions in regional Qld and it’s awful. They don’t even do a good job of pretending they are looking at each other.

Kill it with fire - this is one bad photoshop i saw on another website

Brisbane reporter Emily Arnold is leaving Seven.

Tuesday 28 June -

Blake Johnson is presenting Afternoon News in Melbourne with Natalie Yoannidis presenting sport today.


Sally presented weather from Sydney with Mark and Mel.


That image was on billboards around brisbane last year.

Been a few done something similar recently.

pay and hours are usually better

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Ann Sanders is presenting Sydney’s 6pm bulletin tonight!


Is she presenting Morning and Afternoon News also?

@TBoy Sally Bowrey presented Morning News and Afternoon News in Sydney, Sally is the regular Friday presenter.


Adelaide weather presenter Gertie Spurling delivered a baby girl named Mim Louella.



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Matt Carmichael presented sport in Sydney tonight.


When was the last time Ann presented 6?