Seven News Presenters and Reporters


According to Radio Today, Emily Angwin is reading news on the breakfast show on Melbourne radio station SEN from today, in addition to her regular job as Seven News reporter.


Emily’s great from what I’ve seen. Their current fill-ins (Jacqui Felgate and Nick McCallum) are useless, Blake Johnson and Emily Angwin are people who really have potential to do well on filling in.


If Jane Bunn was a part of the national/Sydney team instead of the Melbourne team, then somehow I’d imagine Seven News Melbourne’s team would be slightly stronger IMO. But like @SydneyCityTV said, Nine News Sydney and Melbourne does it better with News and Sports, but weather is where Seven’s only advantage lies.


@Tom_TV7 so Seven Melbourne would be a stronger team without a qualified meteorologist presenting weather in your opinion,it is a point of difference for the average viewers having a meteorologist on Seven unlike Nine who has Livinia. Seven has promoted Jane from her first day as Melbourne’s only meteorologist at 6pm ,and despite what we here on Media Spy think of her presenting skills and weather predictions it does add credibility to the Melbourne news team having her onboard l believe anyway in the general publics eyes.


A meteorologist is indeed a very good Point of Difference from Nine. I should also add that what I was saying was that this will only be possible if Brownie stayed in Melbourne and continued to present weeknight weather while Jane Bunn was a part of the Sydney. But other than that, I very much agree with your points.


@Tom_TV7 When Brownie was dumped from the Melbourne news team it was a massive mistake by Seven,and most of us here were outraged at that time.Our loss in Melbourne was eventually Sydney’s gain.


Emily Angwin presenting weather in Melbourne tonight. Jane is off sick tonight



Nine Melbourne might not have a meteorologist fronting it’s main bulletin but Livinia has been doing it for 15 years and is very well known and respected in Vic. I think she is miles in front in terms of being a better presenter against Jane. Not to mention she has great on air chemistry with Hitch.

Jane Bunn needs to stay in the role long term as she still is relatively unknown. Too much chopping and changing.


Angela Cox presenting Wednesday - Friday Early News again this week.


Managed to see Seven News Brisbane tonight on YT, is it just me or has Sharyn Ghidella’s voice become annoying? it’s mainly in the opener where she drags it on a little which reminds me of Jane Bunn…


I find her hard to listen to because every word is so drawn out. Pick up the pace, love.


Angie Asimus presented Friday Morning News.


Jacqueline Felgate’s last day presenting Melbourne Afternoon News before starting maternity leave.
So l’m guessing on Monday it will be Nick McCallum or Blake Johnson presenting Melbourne Afternoon News. Personally hoping its Blake.

EDIT- At the end of the weather Jane Bunn said on behalf of the newsroom a big congratulations Jacqui best wishes for the new arrival After Jacqui’s sign off we could see Jane presenting Jacqui with a bunch of flowers.


Chris Reason presenting today’s National Afternoon News.


All of NSW and the ACT, parts of Victoria, all of South Australia, all of Western Australia, all of the Northern Territory, all of Tasmania…seems pretty national to me.


Emily Angwin presenting weather on this evening’s Melbourne bulletin.


CONFIRMED: Emily Angwin will present Melbourne’s local Afternoon News from Monday.


Wow… she’s made a very big impact on the news bosses in Melbourne.


Great news. One of the best talents in HSV-7 if you ask me. Hope she replaces Jacqui permanently.