Seven News Presenters and Reporters


Jim Wilson presented sports in Sydney again last night.


Chris Reason is presenting Friday Morning & Afternoon (national) News.


Feels like they haven’t used Angie Asimus on news a lot these days (other than the 5pm news).

On another note, I have been watching Seven News Melbourne for the past few days, and I definitely see why Nine News is so much better. When Peter Mitchell reads everything, he seems very tight and rather nervous, Tim Watson doesn’t really connect with viewers and Jane Bunn is…Far too cheery (Livinia Nixon is so much better IMO). The weekend team is slightly better but the sports guy isn’t confident at all and the Saturday weather presenter is so much better than the top dog.

When Seven swapped their presenters in 2013, they swapped the wrong people. David Brown shouldn’t have been shafted from weeknight weather and Giaan Rooney should’ve replaced Sandy Roberts instead of Tim Watson. They should’ve also swapped Jen and put her back on weeknights again (or if they don’t want to axe Mitch, make them a double-header), and Rebecca Maddern on Weekends (maybe then she wouldn’t have defected to Nine), but of course that’s great thinking!

I know I might not be the only one to speculate, but now that Bec and Nick have both left HSV, surely alarm bells must be ringing at HSV right now?


@Tom_TV7 you make some valid points about the current Seven Melbourne team.But when the time does eventually come for Mitch to retire whose to say Seven won’t poach someone from another network beforehand.As we know Seven has done that in the past ,which is something that isn’t common practice with Nine News.
Or Seven might already have some forward planning in motion which we are not aware of as yet.


Seven News Melbourne won if i recall for many years, but there loosing now because people have pretty much watched Peter Hitchener once on channel 9 and found he is so more welcoming and friendly so they tune in daily. I do agree about Jane Bunn she in a way speaks like she is a presenter on play school, i do think though that when Peter Hithcener retires Seven will start to dominate again because i certainly cant see Alicia, Tony or Brett being Number 1.


Well done for spotting all of that Tom. Couldn’t agree more with your observations. Mitch also has a tendency to yell at the camera. The only thing is that there is very little bump in the ratings when Jennifer fills in on weeknights. So that doesn’t work.

They need to go back to the drawing board and try something fresh…


If thats going to be the case as much as i don’t like that idea then they should really get him to go on scene and cover some big news events


Can’t we all agree that when it comes to the 6pm news presenters in both Sydney & Melbourne, Nine has the better news & sport presenters while Seven’s strength is in weather, purely for the fact that Seven has meteorologists while Nine just has presenters.

Any Sydney or Melbourne 6pm news bulletin who can get not just one or two, but all three main presenters right (by having a strong news & sports presenter, as well as a meteorologist for weather) is the one who deserves to dominate the ratings and smash the competition. Until that absolutely glorious day arrives, I expect the tight ratings competition to continue.


One of Seven’s best presenters in Australia I daresay.


Angela Cox presented 5pm news today.


Good to see Brownie in tonight in Sydney!


Did he also present last night too?

They got him in to report on Sydney’s heatwave


No he didn’t present last night. I had hoped he would, but he didn’t.


@ec42 Angie Asimus was on last night.


Brownie was probably back home in Melbourne. He must have flown back to Sydney for Saturday night’s news


Sunday (12.02.2017):
Robert Ovadia presenting 5pm news today.


Edwina Bartholomew presented Monday & Tuesday Early News.


When you read all that, there is only one thing that should have actually happened - David Brown as weather presenter.


Jim Wilson presenting sport on Morning News today,he also did a few days last week.Maybe he will do a few days a week permanently.


Great to see Jim again. Still don’t get why Seven thought that a female on the weeknight team was so necessary. I don’t get incredibly put off by an all male presenting team because two of them are pretty good at what they do, not the incredibly nervous and boring anchor.

On the other hand, Jacqui Felgate should be gone soon, and hopefully Blake Johnson has impressed the people at HSV, otherwise I expect Nick McCallum (Mark Ferguson’s Melbourne clone) to fill-in.

Eddy’s getting much better I say. Hopefully Seven will use her more than just ‘entertainment’ presenter.