Seven News Presenters and Reporters


Fixed that one for you! :wink:


Either one would’ve been a good get by Seven (at least to replace Jim Wilson).:slight_smile:

However, like most Nine reporters, I get the impression that these people are ‘Diehard Nine Employees’ who probably won’t move to Seven unless they throw the cheque book in their face.


I agree, of course. Mel McLaughlin is a rather average sports presenter from what I’ve seen.

Similar probably could’ve been once said about Ian Ross & Michael Usher, but we all know what happened there.


38 and 26 years of working at Nine should definitely be defined as ‘Diehard’.

Of course, you have the very ‘Stubbornly Diehard Personalities’ in presenters such as Peter Overton, Peter Hitchener and Brian Henderson who probably won’t leave Nine or work anywhere else, forever.


Both of whom (especially Roscoe) definitely had the cheque book thrown in their faces!


@eddel also Usher has the possibility of one day becoming weeknight Sydney anchor ,that was never going to happen at Nine for him with Peter Overton there.


Rick Ardon is only a couple of years from 40 years at 7 perth


Now just waiting for Rick and Sue to break the WR this year. It will no doubt create great PR for Seven.


Maybe Tim and Emmy need to stay together for at least the next 10 years lol to see if viewers ‘make the switch’ :joy:

But in all seriousness, it’s going to be such a fantastic achievement for Rick and Sue when they do smash this record


Sean Berry was back presenting Early News this morning.


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Friday (03.02.17): Angela Cox is presenting the Early News.


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Chris Reason presented the national afternoon news today.


@Tom_TV7 no Morning News in Melbourne today due to Davis Cup tennis coverage ,I’m assuming Tennis was shown nationally?


Friday (03.02.17): Sharyn Ghidella is anchoring solo in Queensland tonight. Paul Burt has, also, returned from two weeks leave.


Blake Johnson presented news updates in Melbourne this evening.


Rick Ardon solo tonight
Amelia Broun presented weather most of this week


Looks like Melina Sarris will present weather on Saturday bulletins indefinitely.


So Jane still presents Sunday-Friday?