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The fact remains he is losing by a bigger margin than Ferguson was during his last weeks on air in 2016.

I agree Usher has more presence and authority and I definitely couldn’t see Ferguson doing the “killer job” Usher did when he interviewed Baird on his resignation as Premier.

The absence of Ferguson from Seven News promos so far this year adds fuel to the speculation that Seven is looking to move him on. If they were to replace him they’d need to ditch Mel McLaughlin as well. She has no warmth and lacks the ability to interact naturally and effectively with other presenters. They should beg Matt White to come back.


What cuts? The 3 co-anchors are going back to reporting positions to bolster their on the road teams, albeit senior ones at that.

Matt isn’t going to defect back to 7, though I do think he needs more work year round rather than just during the Motorsport/Rugby calendar.


I think we will see Usher get a shot at presenting one or two normal weeks before they make any decisions. The figures can be unpredictable over the summer.


Mark returning Sunday according to a promo I saw last night.




I’m sure @antonio1987 will be delighted to hear that news!

Personally though, I’ll probably be going back to Nine News for most of the next 48 weeks or so. At least Michael Usher makes Seven News Sydney somewhat palatable.


That’s unfortunate.


My night has been made.

Now…who will be uploading this Mark Ferguson returns promo for my viewing pleasure?

I’m sure it’s a very well produced promo.


Nothing to get too excited about. It’s the same promo that has been on rotation all summer (about his 30uears experience) with a voice over at the end saying he is back on Sunday.


Wow really? I’m shocked. Seven have gone nutz over Fergo and his promos the last 12 months. Shocked to see his return promo is so low key.


His low ratings reflect on his low quality promos!


NewAustralia? Please. You know very well his news promos have been amazing. Seven has put together some good news promos the last year.

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@antonio1987 yes every part of every promos are pretty good…except for the main feature of the promo (you know who I mean).


Chris Reason is presenting Friday Morning News.


They’ve given up. Think they have finally realised that no promo can improve the problems they have over there.


Is that true though? Are you telling me Seven News in Sydney has not strengthened the last few months?


Yes, I agree.

While I could be proven wrong at the end of the year, right now I personally don’t like Seven News’ chances of becoming “Sydney’s #1 News” in 2017.


No surprise that Kay McGrath’s OAM made Seven’s news yesterday


I’m glad they didn’t stuff up her super and put Bill McDonald or Sharyn Ghidella… Wouldn’t put it past them…


Chris Reason is presenting 6pm Sydney News tonight.