Seven News Presenters and Reporters


They should just get Edwina to do it, once every one is back from holidays. Nat can focus on News in the morning and Eddy on Early News and then do Entertainment.


I completely agree. And if Sunrise are going to continue with Eddy being Nat’s main fill-in, she should be working on her newsreading skills. Early News is the best place to do that.

BTW, why Jodie Speers got the role was because Sunrise extended to 5.30 (extra 30 mins) and would be a very big day for Nat.


I cannot believe it is now Jan 16 and I am still waiting for Mark Ferguson returns promos. Not a happy camper.

Hopefully these great promos with this amazing news reader we call Fergo air in the coming days.


You always brighten up my day :stuck_out_tongue:


Tim Watson and Jane Bunn presenting from Melbourne Park during the Australian Open Tennis.


Haha you’ve never posted on any other thread other than this one and the Content & Appearance one!


Monday (16.01.17) - Friday (20.01.17): Bill McDonald is anchoring solo in Queensland.


Interestingly like you said, both presenters are quite average as well as their partners (would be a different story with Kay and Rod). Why does Nine News win easily though when Brisbane is a market Seven News could easily win?


A number of reasons I suppose. Hot Seat used to do well in QLD until late last year along with the viewers (like myself) who have switched in droves to ‘send a message’ to 7 News for ditching Rod and Kay. Also, I believe Nine’s presentation is marginally better. Also, I find that Nine News Brisbane is also a lot faster paced.


You also said something about their content, and which presenters do you like? I don’t like Andrew, Melissa, Wally and Garry.


Well, let’s be honest content is almost identical and don’t forget all that tacky “First” rubbish.

As for the presenters, I liked Sharyn on weekends and Bill on Ten but I do hold a grudge (similar thing with Sylvia Jeffreys on Today) and they did/do not deserve the role until both Rod and Kay decided to step aside. Andrew Lofthouse is alright but a little snoozefest and Melissa is not wonderful. TBH, I think both Nine’s and Seven’s weeknight teams scrap satisfactory and let’s not talk about Nine News Brisbane weekends.


Nine News doesn’t win Brisbane easily - last year it was by an average of just 3,000 Mon- Fri with Seven easily winning the weekend.


I lived up in Queensland, I’d probably watch Nine News on weeknights and Seven News on weekends. From my obviously limited observations, Andrew & Melissa seem to be slightly better presenters than Bill & Sharyn but on weekends, definitely Kay McGrath well ahead of Darren & Alison!

I don’t think that either major network’s Brisbane 6pm presenting/reporting team is particularly stronger than the other, unlike in Sydney & Melbourne where I’d probably pick Nine News over Seven News for a majority of the time on both weeknights and weekends.


Soon to be the longest news duo are back tonight in Perth


Hehe, I’m glad I do Nick. That’s what I’m here for. :smile:


Not that I’d like it to happen, but Rick and Sue are definitely starting to approach the age where potential replacements are starting to be considered (yes I know they will claim the WR of longest serving news duo in the world this year, which I think will be a historical achievement in Australian TV). I can see both Angela Tsun and Paula Voce as natural replacements for Sue, but I can’t think of any male replacements for Rick now that Blake Johnson’s at HSV (I’m sure his career will flourish there). They need to find some candidates or will they need to poach someone from Nine/ABC or even the East Coast (would be good to see Natalie Barr if she was ever shafted from Sunrise)…


Basil Zempilis


TBH, he is a great sports presenter and is someone who’s been there for 15+ years. But like Stephen Quartermain and Tony Jones, I don’t see Basil Zempilas as a newsreader. I think if Seven got James McHale from ABC, who is the No.2 presenter in Perth and put him as a double-header with Angela Tsun, then Seven News Perth’s future should be very safe. Now they just need to change their ‘set’…


What newsreaders are called in if Rick and/or Sue are not available?


7 News Perth might go solo.