Seven News Presenters and Reporters


Friday -

Sean Sowerby is presenting sport in Melbourne tonight.


Saturday -

Chris Reason and Robert Ovadia are reporting from Christchurch.


Sydney’s Mark Ferguson presenting from Christchurch tonight.


Haven’t had the “Mark Alert” button pressed in a while!

Michael Usher should’ve been chosen to report from Christchurch IMO.



Angie Asimus is presenting the rest of the day’s news in the studio

Angie also presented the weather and crossed back to Fergo at the end and he closed the bulletin.


Where’s Usher?


Probably taking a well deserved night off for once.


Melbourne weather presenter Melina Sarris is now heading off to get married next weekend.
Also congratulations to Melina for winning a Quill Award last night for Best TV News Story.

Freelance reporter Tim Hipsley is reporting on the Grand Prix for Seven Melbourne, he previously worked at Ten.


I daresay he will pop up at 6pm tonight and maybe a couple more times this week depending on their plans with Mark in Christchurch.

If you’ve got to pick a night to have Angie at the desk then it would be Saturday.


Just saw Geof Parry on sunrise. Didn’t he leave 7 or retire?


No. Been based in Perth for years.




Sunday: Mark Ferguson is presenting from Christchurch with Angie Asmus presenting the rest of the days news from the Sydney Studio. (Same as yesterday obviously plus David Brown on weather as usual)


7 already have at least 4 reporters there already


One would presume that Seven News Sydney has sent Fergo over to Christchurch in a bid to boost his profile.

Although in the end, tonight’s edition of Nine News will probably be somewhere between 50k and 100k ahead in Sydney due to being sandwiched between an overtime NRL game with two local teams & MAFS.


Pretty sure after years of fronting Sydney broadcasts at multiple networks his profile has been/ is boosted enough. After his years at 9 it was obvious that viewers never warmed to him when there are better alternatives.



Monday -

Mark Ferguson is back in the studio presenting Sydney News tonight.


If I seen correctly, I believe he has an exclusive sit down interview with former Prime Minister John Howard.