Seven News Presenters and Reporters





Wow, I forgot about that!

Although in fairness it was three years ago and this correspondent has been watching Seven News Sydney increasingly less in recent years.


Chris Reason would be a far better option, but he’s just been in Hanoi.


Perth,s Rick Ardon celebrating 60th birthday today🎉



Mike Amor presenting Morning & Afternoon News in Melbourne from Nar Nar Goon for Bushfire coverage.

Jacqueline Felgate is presenting the rest of the days news in the studio.


Another milestone for TVW’s news team


Great to see that Shaun Menegola is making the most of Mike Amor’s seniority as both a reporter and presenter.


I’d say that was all a part of his contract to relocate back to Melbourne- weekend news, Afternoon news, national exposure (Sunrise and the Morning News) and a promise of the weekday anchor gig.


(6/3/2019) Rick Ardon is presenting the Afternoon News in Perth today.



Friday -

Blake Johnson is presenting Afternoon News in Melbourne.


Friday -

Sean Sowerby presenting sport in Melbourne tonight.


Seven News Brisbane reporter Simon Love is joining 10 News First’s Melbourne newsroom as State Political Reporter next month.


Saturday (09.03.2019): Ben Davis presented Brisbane’s sport tonight.


I’m a spiteful bastard and have been known to get my own back on people who have unfairly dissed me in the workplace. If these ladies make a habit of being discourteous and disrespectful to the crew who are charged with making them look good, I wouldn’t be surprised if Seven’s make up department is running out of concealer, foundation and eye shadow on purpose.


Sounds like the bitchy vibe is spreading.

I’m not usually one to comment, but if things like this are happening regularly at Martin Place, then I think the heads should roll. They need an entire clean up before they can be considered credible again. I’d start with getting rid of McPherson and Morrison.


Rumours of Samantha Armytage being quite rude and discourteous to fellow staff members aren’t something I would’ve been at all surprised to hear, but Ann Sanders?! Even if she’s never been the biggest ratings puller, I was always under the impression that Ann was a genuinely nice person and is highly respected amongst her colleagues at Seven after 30+ years at the network.

Agreed. Sean Power & Emma Dallimore would be far more likely to make decisions which would make a positive impact on Seven News on a national & Sydney basis respectively, I think.


While there is no doubt situations like this occur in the workplace. I really do question the validity of her claims because some of the words that comes out of Annette Sharps mouth is highly exaggerated making me wonder who her “source is”.

If her story was that good or was a breakthrough they wouldn’t put most of her stories behind a paywall, it would be open for everyone to see to create a reaction.


Again the question has to be asked. Even though we don’t know the full extent of each and every newsroom in Sydney, why does it seem like everyone else in other newsrooms seem to get along just fine while Seven’s newsroom is like a friggin warzone with mass exodus occurring several times during the year? I would think leadership is perhaps the most obvious reason but can’t help feeling other factors might be at play.


How do you know every other newsroom is fine? Lol

Julie Snook/Amber Sherlock not ring a bell?