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Nine’s Sydney newsroom isn’t much better, according to Sarah Harris when she spoke on Studio 10 roughly 2 years ago about the pressure to come back to the newsroom with a story, and being forced to participate in “Death Knocks”.


I mean, most news organisations would do that these days. Hardly a Nine exclusive (pardon the pun).


It’s not just in newsrooms, most company’s and organisations have these problems. It’s very common.


Yep. I read that article and immediately thought about interactions in my own workplace, particularly amongst young women. The bitchiness and back biting is incredible. It all sounds too familiar- junior staff members questioning directions from the boss and wanting to negotiate what duties/hours they will and won’t do. I spend a good chunk of my time diarising incidents to cover my backside should HR become involved.


I agree that it is a common occurrence throughout news organisations but it should still be at the discretion of the reporter whether they want to do that or not and that’s what Sarah was trying to say; she felt as though she didn’t have a choice when she was at Nine.


I am not surprised by the culture at 7 News Melbourne, May be just me but I feel like at times it’s evident on air.

As for every other network, let’s not act like they are all saints and free from culture issues. I would say all of them have issues, they aren’t just documented enough. So unless anyone here has inside information from a reporter on “there perception” of culture in the workplace lets take it with a grain of salt.


The only point to really remember here is that when you’re perpetually number two and chasing the leader - in this case N9N Melbourne - these issues are going to be amplified. Everyone is alive to the fact that you’re losing, and losing badly.

Often also losing senior women from the newsroom can be an issue - in this case, Jen Keyte was a big mentor in the 7 newsroom particularly for the young female reporters, so her departure is going to felt particularly acutely.


Friday & Saturday-

Matt Carmichael presented sport in Sydney.


Lol nah


Katrina Blowers presenting News at 5 from Brisbane. Id say it wasn’t intentionally meant for WA viewers as there is currently a large amount of QLD stories.


Seven News Content and Appearance

Robert Ovadia is presenting Sydney’s afternoon news.


(14/2/2019) Susannah Carr is presenting the Afternoon News in Perth today.


Sam Jolly is on location at joondalup for the Valentines Concert at the Joondalup Resort


Rick presenting live from Claremont with Sue in the studio tonight to cover the Claremont Murders. As mentioned above, Sam on location for weather tonight.


Jane Bunn has been revealed as one of two Moomba Monarchs for 2019. The other is former Melbourne Victory star Archie Thompson.


Follow up article to last week’s leaked Seven News emails:

Offensive, sexist and just down right rude remarks were recorded in the 7 News black book — “put it in the book” was often bellowed — only for the comments to be read out at the annual Christmas party to much haw-hawing and back slapping.


Sunday - Tim Watson presenting sport from Marvel Stadium after the Renegades beat the Stars to win the BBL title.



Rod Young is presenting solo on the Gold Coast.