Seven News Presenters and Reporters


Blake Johnson is presenting Afternoon News in Melbourne with Andrew McCormack presenting sport.


Ann Sanders is back presenting today.


Ange is great, much more suited to anchoring then reporting for Sunday Night.


31 years ago, Peter Mitchell read his first bulletin at seven.


There are some familiar names in the rundown like Bill Collins, Peter Donegan and Marianne Van Dorslar.

Thursday - Mike Amor is presenting Afternoon News in Melbourne. Normally that’s Jacqueline Felgate’s role, but she pre-recorded a report on the AFLX draft for today’s bulletin, so I’m not sure what’s going on?


Jacqueline only presents the Afternoon News on Mondays and Fridays, with Mike presenting Tuesday to Thursday.This roster started in September last year.


Yep, and Blake did Tuesday. It’s a bit of a mess.


Well Blake is the main fill in newsreader for the bulletin if Mike or Jacqueline is away.


Mel McLaughlin presented sport for the Sydney bulletin from Melbourne this evening. She is there for the Sport Australia Media Awards.


Congratulations to Sydney sports reporter Matt Carmichael on winning an award last night.


Make of this what you will…

One of the key passages:

“Everyone wants to be Brooke Vandenberg,” commented one network insider of the toxic culture at Seven’s newsroom, referring to the amoral Frontline TV reporter played by Jane Kennedy…

“It’s been mental,” said another. “Mean Girls is putting it mildly.”


What’s been said in the emails?


Why am I not overly surprised that Seven News Melbourne reportedly has a toxic newsroom culture to go along with the often dubious content quality of their content?

One wonders if the newsroom culture is equally toxic here in Sydney.


Why can’t Seven’s newsrooms and network in general have a positive vibe like Nine and 10? Is it to do with management or just the people they hired are bad?


How do you they have positive vibes??? It’s commercial television, they’re all very similar.


I seem to remember someone saying that everyone at Nine Sydney are good friends and get along well together, while from the looks of things the staff in Seven Sydney and Melbourne at constantly at each other’s throats (as implied by the message above).

10, well who knows what’s happening there but judging by some of the recent decisions by management, seems to be going along well too.


Could’ve been @HarbourSideTv? I think he’s visited all three Sydney commercial TV newsrooms before.

Personally I haven’t been into any of them but as an outsider, get the impression that Seven News has in recent years been making presenter/reporter choices largely based on what management like, rather than any of their viewers. At least Nine seem to realise they need the best presenting/reporting talent in the country (but even then, I still think there’s some areas they can/should be doing better in) fronting their Sydney & Melbourne news services if they’re to attract viewers.


I’ll try and sum up the two emails highlighted in the article - both were sent by executive news producer Lynne Scrivens:

  • One was sent to female reporters essentially pleading for them to stop bitching and backstabbing.
  • The other email was in relation to the alleged negative attitude ‘many’ journalists had after being informed that they’ll be rostered on for longer shifts due to ‘The Latest’. After Scrievens suggested that "Obviously few of you actually want to get anywhere in the game?”, Emily Angwin responded by claiming that not only staff are feeling ‘increasingly devalued’ but:

“We all know network opportunities aren’t based on hard work, they’re based on favouritism"


Ouch… in someways Emily maybe right.

She was overlooked this summer as fill in presenter.


Well that explains to me anyway why Emily didn’t do any filling in presenting over December or January…