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Monday 28 January -

Natalie Barr presented Early News.

Sean Sowerby is presenting news updates in Melbourne this afternoon.

Michael Felgate presenting Afternoon News in Melbourne.


Melbourne presenter, Mike Amor has returned from leave today



Jacqueline Felgate is also back from holidays in Melbourne this week.


Any mention of the milestone (even just for 30 seconds) on local 6pm Seven News bulletins around the country tonight?

If not, that’s quite dissapointing IMO because while Rick & Sue aren’t nearly as well known nationally as many (well, pretty much all in this market) local news presenters in Sydney or Melbourne, Seven do deserve to give them a few more brief moments in the national spotlight in addition to their appearance on Sunrise this morning.


Rick and Susannah 34 years ago and Today


Sharyn Ghidella has landed in Townsville. Expecting her to either present the Queensland bulletin tonight - or co-anchor segments alongside Kay back in the studio.


Would love if that was the case but I doubt it. I would say (unfortunately) that Sharyn and Max Futcher are going to co-anchor the entire bulletin from Townsville with Kay not airing. But we’ll have to wait and see.

It is about time that Seven flew one of their anchors up to NQLD. Nine did two days ago.


Promo for tonight was Kay speaking saying Sharyn will be live from NQ.


Saturday (02.02.2019): Sharyn Ghidella is anchoring the Brisbane bulletin live from Townsville, covering the floods. Kay McGrath is in studio solo with the rest of the day’s news.

Meteorologist Tony Auden has also been rostered in today.



@TV.Cynic, can you upload the wideshot from the closer? The best team in Brisbane tonight.



Sharyn forgot to wave!!


She probably figured it wasn’t the right circumstance to wave given where she was.


Sunday (03.02.2019): Sharyn Ghidella is covering the NQLD flood emergency for the Brisbane bulletin live from Townsville. Kay McGrath is in studio solo with the rest of the day’s news.

Have always loved Marlina’s work. She is one of their best reporters.


Have been impressed with young Qld reporters Marlina Whop and Mac Lyon over the last few nights covering the floods in Townsville.

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It’s never the right circumstances for a cheesy wave at the end of a serious news bulletin!


Angela Cox is presenting Sydney’s afternoon news.
Michelle Bishop is reading sport.


Monday (04.02.2019) - Wednesday (06.02.2019): Sharyn Ghidella is anchoring the Brisbane bulletin live from Townsville on the local flooding. Max Futcher is reading the rest of the day’s news solo in studio.