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David Brown’s own family is still in Melbourne. He stays in Sydney on weekdays and flies back to Melbourne for the weekend.


That’s a big commitment, wow.


which also shows a lack of initiative and courage by Seven. Why can’t they have, for example, a “Seven Weather Centre” and base it in Melbourne, and have Brown do Sydney, Melbourne and even Brisbane weather from there, and have him available for all their news/info shows so he can be with his family. Who cares if the weather comes from another city, as long as the information is up-to-date and as accurate as possible.

Nine could really do the same from Brisbane with Garry Youngberry.


But if he prefers to travel to and from then it all works out alright as well.

Not saying that I know him personally, but it could be a personal thing. Plenty of people work shifts that require them to fly-in and fly out.


Ha. Ferguson is to 7 what the Marsh brothers are to Cricket Australia. He’s got something big on one of the bosses. He must have.


It’s gotten to the point where I’m suspecting Ferguson must be paying Seven as opposed to being paid so that he could stay on.


Dare I say it, somehow it wouldn’t overly surprise me if there were a few people at Seven who really wanted Mark Ferguson to succeed Ian Ross instead of Chris Bath.

Most of the Bath-era promos for Seven News Sydney had Mark Ferguson standing alongside her. But when the presenter swap happened five years ago, the promotional focus was all about Fergo with Bathie (and later Mel Doyle) nowhere to be seen!

Although I think it’s since been revised again, Seven reportedly signed Fergo up to a five year contract shortly after Chris Bath announced that she was leaving the network. The article (from Annette Sharp, so take it with a grain of salt) suggests that Fergo was getting $350k less than before and was reportedly signed up to a $800k contract when originally lured over from Nine, but I’d find it somewhat hard to believe that Mark is currently getting $450k or less each year.

Now to put that into contest, Roscoe (while at Seven) and of course, Brian Henderson reportedly earned $1 Million a year during their time. Although I’m not so sure about Peter Overton, I’d have to imagine that he’s likely to currently be getting an annual salary from Nine which is at/near seven figures. But in fairness, at least Nine seem to get Pete doing a bit more (presenter of major news coverage nationally, 60 Minutes “Feedback” segment presenter + possibly still an occasional reporter for said program) to earn his money than just reading Sydney 6pm news bulletins.


Take her off Tv Full stop…She is the Karl of Sunrise


Melbourne reporter, Jodie Lee is in Israel covering the funeral of Aya Maasarwe


Wow, didn’t know this. Would be a lot of work expenses that Seven West would pay for, no doubt. Makes you wonder why they don’t just have him present infront of a chroma key in Melbourne.


Friday -

Samantha Brett presenting weather on the Morning News and in Sydney tonight.

Friday & Saturday -

Blake Johnson presenting in Melbourne with Mike Amor still on holidays.
Sean Sowerby presenting sport.
Melina Sarris is presenting Friday and Saturday weather with Jane Bunn now working 5 days a week instead of 6 days a week.


I think it’s safe to say Melina is now doing Friday and Saturday weather in Melbourne. Jane is now back to 5 days.


Pfft… Kay’s back!!! :partying_face:


Saturday -

Samantha Brett presenting weather in Sydney again tonight.

Friday & Saturday -

Melina Sarris presented Melbourne weather from Docklands.


Five years today since Mark Ferguson officially took over from Chris Bath as the lead presenter of Seven News Sydney.

To this day, I often wonder where the news service would be now if Seven stuck with the paring of Chris Bath & Jim Wilson for a little while longer. I guess it’d be hard to say for sure but if the content/promotion was improved and they were persistent with both presenters, I reckon a Bath/Wilson-lead Seven News might be actually be #1 in the Sydney ratings today with the benefit of things like The Chase Australia as a lead-in & David Brown’s weather. Maybe some of the other Seven News Sydney presenters/reporters who’ve left in recent years might’ve stayed on longer too.


Raschke and Willis were never going to let Chris Bath get back to weeknights because they wanted their agenda to prevail and Bath was kind of against it which meant that they had the upper hand. Ferguson always seems like the kind of person who would ‘go along’ with whatever is dished if you get what I mean, which is probably why he got in (that, or he bribed Channel 7 to push Bath out).

I would blame the management of Seven for their downfall in Sydney. For too long they have treated their audience with contempt and laziness and now they’re paying the price.

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Without repeating the same stuff all the time, what did/do Seven seen in Mark? Who in their right mind would put a dumped anchor against his successor and expect it to work?

I don’t think Chris Bath would have ever regained their lead in Sydney but I am sure that they would be a hell of a lot more competitive than they are today.


While Fergo appears to be the type of newsreader who seems happy to just read the autocue and go along with whatever the management want him to do, I’m not sure if I agree that he would’ve wanted Seven to push Bath out.

Samantha Armytage (if any of the rumours of her & Bath not getting along were at all true) on the other hand…


That’s management’s problem. Clearly Jason Morrison and Craig McPherson have no idea on how to lead a news team properly.


Sunday & Monday -

Jim Wilson presented sport in Sydney tonight.