Seven News Presenters and Reporters


Wednesday -

Matt Carmichael presented sport in Sydney.


Thursday -

Chris Reason presenting Morning News & Sydney Afternoon News.


(17/1/2019) Susannah Carr is presenting the Afternoon News in Perth today.


Friday (18.01.2018): Edwina Bartholomew presented the Early News.


Sharyn Ghidella begins her 13th year at 7Brisbane and her 7th as weeknight presenter. Wow, those years have flown by.
I think it’s Kay McGrath’s 30th or 31st year… half of 7News’s 60 years in Brisbane.


Chris Reason is presenting in Sydney.


Friday & Saturday -

Blake Johnson presenting 6pm in Melbourne.

Friday & Saturday -

Sean Sowerby presenting sport and Melina Sarris presenting the weather in Melbourne.


He’s been busy… presenting Weekends and Afternoon edition. I think it’s time they gave him some national exposure.


Friday and Sunday
Melina Sarris presenting weather in Melbourne tonight is filling Jane Bunn


Or is she now permanently on Friday’s? Jane might be back to 5 days only.


Mark Ferguson is returning from holidays tomorrow night (Sunday) in Sydney.


Chris Reason is presenting in Sydney again.

Also, David Brown is reporting from Parramatta Park as he is hosting the event of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.


Saturday (19.01.2019) - Sunday (20.01.2019): Kendall Gilding is presenting in Brisbane again this weekend.

Laura Dymock presented Friday and Saturday weather.


Is David Brown based in Sydney now?


Only for about the last three years!


David Brown was Melbourne - through and through. I can’t believe he is now the actual Seven News Sydney weather presenter. Was there ever an actual announcement? I believe he became the ‘Seven News Chief Meteorologist’ or something to that effect. Then he started filling in on the Sydney news - and here we are today. Does he actually live in Sydney now? (stupid question, I know)


Monday 21 January -

Jodie Speers is back presenting Early News.

Ann Sanders is also back presenting Morning News & Sydney Afternoon News today.

Blake Johnson presenting Afternoon News in Melbourne again this week.


Sharyn and Max back tonight in Brisbane :slight_smile:

Seven News Content and Appearance

A bit out of the blue, but I’ve been watching a lot of old Seven News Sydney clips lately and would personally like to see Sam Armytage fill in on Sydney’ 7 News some time this year.

Pre-Sunrise she was an excellent journalist and quality presenter, last time she presented was 2015 where she fronted a pretty crap broadcast of 7 News Sydney. Fast forward to 2019 its probably not up to a high standard for some but in a better place than it was previously.


Yeah, no thanks. Leave her in morning tv where she is easily avoided.