Seven News Presenters and Reporters


Sam Jolly back Presenting Perth’s 4pm news


Monday (07.01.2019) [Perth] Susannah Carr presenting solo with Adrian Barich on Sport and Sam Jolly on Weather


Susannah back for her 34th year at 7 perth


Tuesday - Thursday :

Robert Ovadia is presenting Morning News.


Matt Carmichael is presenting sport in Sydney.


Watched the last ten minutes of the Morning News today with Robert Ovadia presenting. He made about four mistakes during the sport segment alone, i’m almost certain he said ‘perch scorchers’ instead of Perth Scorchers. He added extra syllables to a couple of words where they were not required as well.

Is he always like this?


Wednesday -

Jacqueline Felgate is presenting Afternoon News in Melbourne.

Robert Ovadia is presenting Afternoon News in Sydney.


Peter Mitchell is returning from holidays in Melbourne this Sunday (13 January).
After presenting tonight’s Melbourne bulletin Mike Amor is heading off on holidays.


Looks like Blake Johnson will be doing the next 3 weekends at least.


Friday -

Sally Bowrey is back presenting Morning News & Sydney Afternoon News.


Thanks @Salty.

Is it just me or has Sally’s newsreading skills fallen backwards ever since she returned from maternity leave in 2017? She used to be great on Seven News Perth and other national bulletins prior to joining Weekend Sunrise but now she just seems to read in a bogan manner and it feels like she’s shouting at the camera as if it’s a misbehaving child.

Such a shame as she was one of the few good talents in Martin Place until about now.


Angie Asimus has really impressed me in the past year and becoming a fill in news presenter on Sunrise last year showed a different side to her which is a positive.
@Tom_TV7 assessment summed up Sally Bowrey perfectly.
I would prefer Angie on Weekend Sunrise than Sally.
Sally is better suited to weather presenting.


Yep Angie definitely one to watch I think she deserves a more prominent presenting role in the future, perhaps when Ann Sanders calls it a day she can do the national news.


I like Angie. Have done since she was in Brisbane. But I also like Sally.


Friday -

Jacqueline Felgate is presenting Afternoon News in Melbourne today.

Friday & Saturday -

Blake Johnson presenting 6pm News in Melbourne


No, it’s not just you. It’s the effect that Sunrise has on people, ie compare Sam Armytage circa 2010 to the bulletins she presented in Sydney a couple of years ago. And Nat used to be very slick but was pretty ordinary last time she presented a bulletin in Sydney.


(11/1/2019) Joel Dry is presenting the Afternoon News in Brisbane today.


Friday & Saturday -

Robert Ovadia is presenting in Sydney.


I don’t get why they couldn’t get someone like Chris Reason to present. Miles ahead of Ovadia.

One would hope that given his high profile, Matt Doran will get a chance to present Seven News Sydney at some stage in time.


Is Chris currently on holidays?