Seven News Presenters and Reporters


Kate Smithers Presented Weather tonight in Perth


Saturday -

Robert Ovadia is presenting in Sydney with Mel McLaughlin presenting sport and Angie Asimus presenting weather.


Saturday (05.01.2019) - Sunday (06.01.2018): Katrina Blowers is presenting in Brisbane this weekend with Pat Welsh on sport.

Laura Dymock presented Saturday weather.


Blake Johnson read the weather this evening.


Melina has been having Saturdays off she is working a 6 day week, l’m surprised Emily Angwin hasn’t been used on the weather instead she has been reporting as usual this week.


She may have decided not too. Sunrise should utilise her as a fill in. Great talent.


They probably need reporters over summer rather than fill in weather presenters.


Melina is also a reporter, so that doesn’t make sense.


Sunday -

Paula Voce is presenting 5pm News from the Perth studio.

Paula also read the sports news and weather forecast.


Paula Voce is presenting a 5pm bulletin out of Perth today.
First time i’ve seen her in Victoria as she never presents national bulletins, she’s quite good! Guess that there is no one available in Sydney with this bulletin only airing due to the cricket being abandoned due to rain.
EDIT: Beaten by Salty.


Haven’t seen Paula nationally since 2003!!!

I bloody missed the opener as I didn’t expect there to be a bulletin today. I’m guessing 7 didn’t either…

Did somebody get video of it?


The Perth studio? It’s so dark it looks like a cave.


Sunday -

Mike Amor still presenting in Melbourne with Tim Watson back presenting sport and
Melina Sarris presenting weather.


Sunday- Michael Usher still presenting this week in Sydney with Mel on sport and David Brown is back on weather duties


Mike Smithson is presenting in Adelaide.


As mentioned many times, the Perth set is pure crap. I view it as almost being a disregard to the careers of Rick and Sue who are shoved in there, when they are upholding Sevens position in News.

The lighting in the set is actually quite good, its just the background. Don’t understand why they cant just use the National globe, the quality of the globe would probably look better on a virtual set but hopefully 2019 (doubt it though) brings a new set to Perth.


Here is part of the opener. No V/O though (Even though embedded, for some reason the video won’t play on here but if you click the tweet it will play it)


Why did it come from Perth at 5pm? Was it to do with Sydney having tech problems?


Angie Asimus presenting Early News again this week.

Monday 7 January -

Michael Felgate is presenting Afternoon News in Melbourne.

Robert Ovadia is presenting Afternoon News in Sydney.


Monday (07.01.2019) - Friday (11.01.2019): Katrina Blowers is presenting in Brisbane again this week. Pat Welsh presented sport on Monday and Tuesday with Ben Davis Wednesday though to Friday.

Amanda Abate is presenting the local Afternoon News from the Gold Coast bureau this week.