Seven News Presenters and Reporters


Monday -

Samantha Brett presenting weather in Sydney.


Mark Mooney is presenting in Adelaide.

and Angela Tsun is presenting in Perth.


Monday (24.12.2018)- Tuesday (25.12.2018): Kendall Gilding is presenting in Brisbane with Ben Davis presenting sport. Liz Cantor is on weather.


Christmas Day-

Jacqueline Felgate is presenting in Melbourne with Sean Sowerby presenting sport.
Jacqueline also read the weather forecast.

Mark Mooney is presenting in Adelaide.


Michael Usher presenting AGAIN in Sydney.

And even doing the weather tonight…


Including The Latest, how many days in a row has Michael Usher worked now?!


I believe tonight was day 11… And I heard him remark to Jim Wilson during Saturday’s sport segment that his next day off is ‘sometime next year’…

The Latest

Seriously though, I’m sure they could have given him the day off today.


so do we now like musher’s work ethic more than deb knight’s?


Boxing Day-

Jodie Speers presented Early News.

Mike Amor presenting 6pm News in Melbourne with Jacqueline Felgate presenting sport from the MCG with Melina Sarris presenting weather.

Mark Mooney is presenting in Adelaide with Theo Doropoulos presenting sport.

Katrina Blowers presenting in Brisbane with Pat Welsh presenting sport and Tony Auden presenting weather.

Michael Usher presenting in Sydney with Mel McLaughlin presenting sport and Angie Asimus presenting weather.


They should have given him last night and tonight off considering The Latest wasn’t (for obvious reasons)/isn’t (due to WBBL) airing


I’m sure they did offer, it’s not like they’re short on presenters.


Boxing Day - Angie Asimus presented late news update tonight at the conclusion of men’s BBL match.


Thursday (27.12.2018): Katrina Blowers is presenting in Brisbane.


Friday & Saturday -

Blake Johnson is presenting in Melbourne with Sean Sowerby presenting sport and Melina Sarris presenting weather.


Friday - Sean Sowerby presenting sport for the Melbourne bulletin from the MCG.


Not sure if it was mentioned anywhere, but happened to be watching the end of the Morning News this day and there were some tech glitches.

He read the weather but the graphic was frozen on the capital forecasts the whole time and also appeared to be the wrong day and a couple of cities with incorrect forecast read.

Then as he was saying goodbye, BCM abruptly cut him off (bulletin ended), sounded like he had a whole minute or so left! So timing was terribly off.


Robert Ovadia presenting in Sydney tonight. Will he be presenting The Latest later on?


Last Saturday Michael Usher didn’t presenting the 6pm bulletin but presented The Latest. So, not necessarily.


Chris Reason presented last Saturday and Michael Usher still presented The Latest that night.