Seven News Presenters and Reporters


Jane started her holidays last Friday.


I’m surprised this hasn’t already been mentioned, but Sarah Navin has been filing reports for Sydney in recent days. Presumably only a Summer fill-in reporter because her Twitter bio still mentions Prime7 Wagga.

Now this is how you do it, Nine! :wink:


Friday & Saturday -

Blake Johnson is presenting in Melbourne.

Friday -
Sean Sowerby presented sport and Melina Sarris presented weather.

Saturday -
Jacqueline Felgate was back presenting sport and Blake read the weather forecast.


Friday (21.12.2018): Katrina Blowers presented in Brisbane again tonight. Laura Dymock presented the weather with Liz Cantor on surf and coastal.


Saturday -

Chris Reason is presenting in Sydney tonight.


It is absolutely ridiculous how Katrina is used over Kay to fill-in on weeknights in Brisbane. Despite Kay working this weekend, they chose Katrina to fill-in for Sharyn and Max last week.

While they won in the first 30 mins every night, Srven lost a significant amount of viewers in the later block, handing wins to Nine. I think Kay could have kept that audience from switching over.


While I do agree, it’s obvious that Katrina is next in line to Sharyn, and very capable of taking that role.

Perhaps Kay is happy doing weekends. She does a lot of other work now which may have prevented her from filling in.


Perhaps Kay is more than happy doing what she’s doing.


Like Max Futcher, I think Katrina needs more work. Katrina is a good presenter but would never survive a prime time gig in Sydney or Melbourne.

I am well aware of that but surely that would not have prevented her working any of the days last week.

Using Katrina over Kay, if Kay is willing to do it like she has done every other summer, would be like getting Jacqueline Felgate to fill-in for Peter in Melbourne instead of Mike Amor.


Saturday (22.12.2018): Laura Dymock is presenting Brisbane’s weather.


Saturday (22.12.2018): Paula Voce presenting Seven News Perth.



The ‘From the studios of Seven Perth, Paula Voce’ voiceover line reminds me of what Seven used in about 2004, they used that sort of thing in Melbourne around that time too. I think it may have had ‘live’ at the start though?


Sunday -

Jim Wilson is presenting sport on 5pm News.

Melbourne -
Mike Amor presenting with Jacqueline Felgate presenting sport and Melina Sarris presenting weather.

Sydney -
Michael Usher presenting with Jim Wilson presenting sport and Angie Asimus presenting weather.


Sunday - Jacqueline Felgate presenting sport in Melbourne this evening.


Sunday (23.12.2018): Ben Davis is presenting Brisbane sport with Laura Dymock on weather


Geof Parry is reporting from Indonesia on the tsunami disaster.


I’m assuming Blake Johnson will be reading Melbournes Christmas bulletin this year.


Monday -

Robert Ovadia is presenting Morning News & Sydney Afternoon News.


I’d say so, would be happy if that was the case.
Slightly unrelated, but I would like to see Dean Felton utilised more often as a news reader. He has had experience with it in the past.