Seven News Presenters and Reporters


…and will probably stay on (along with McLaughlin & Brown) until just before Christmas, one would imagine.

Unlike Nine who’ve achieved everything they could for 2018 and can comfortably send their main presenters on holidays for 4-6 weeks, I suspect Seven News Sydney feels they need to have their main presenting team on for at least part of Summer (excluding the Xmas/New Year period of course) so they can try and build momentum while the cricket is on.


And nothing wrong with that.


What is this about?


Saturday (08.12.2018): Laura Dymock presented Brisbane’s weather.

Sunday (09.12.2018): Pat Welsh presented Brisbane’s sport with Paul Burt on weather.



Remembering the Perth studio in in use from 6-7pm. Which is 9-10pm melb/syd time over summer. Late news going live into those states from Perth might have some logistical issues.


Michael Felgate presenting the Afternoon News in Melbourne today after an early finish with the cricket. It started at around 4:45 so it may only be a 15 minute bulletin.


Finished at 5pm


Monday (10.12.2018): Sharyn Ghidella is anchoring solo in Brisbane tonight. Ben Davis is presenting sport and Laura Dymock is presenting the weather.


Ann Sanders’ 1pm update aired in NSW while the cricket was on, saying as usual that she would be presenting the 4pm bulletin (and Fergo at 6). Fergo then presented a 2pm update leaving out a mention of the 4pm bulletin - with the cricket going far longer than anyone expected, it looked like they were ready to run an afternoon bulletin. I think most of us expected it’d be over around noon!


Tuesday -

Jacqueline Felgate is presenting Afternoon News in Melbourne today.


Rob Scott is presenting Perth’s afternoon news.


Tuesday -

Jim Wilson presented sport in Sydney tonight.


Wednesday -

Blake Johnson presenting Afternoon News in Melbourne today.


Susannah Carr presenting solo tonight


Wednesday (12.12.2018) - Friday (13.12.2018): Sharyn Ghidella is anchoring solo in Brisbane with Paul Burt on the weather. Pat Welsh is presenting sport.


Thursday -

Jacqueline Felgate presenting Afternoon News in Melbourne today.


Melbourne weather presenter Jane Bunn starts her holidays from tomorrow.


(12-13/12/2018) Amelia Broun is presenting the Afternoon News in Perth.


Seems to be another relatively new reporter in Melbourne, Louisa Cheatley. She has been popping up occasionally in the past couple of weeks.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she is the ‘Assistant To The Chief Of Staff’ at Seven News Melbourne, in that role since March 2018.