Seven News Presenters and Reporters


He would be good for the sport department, but he seems to be used on news stories at the moment.


Susannah Carr presenting National News Update tonight


She has been presenting them since Paul Kadak left to the U.S as discussed previously.



So is Blake filling in on weekends in Melbourne?


Well he is this week so let’s wait and see if it’s for the summer.

Jacqueline Felgate is on holidays this week, l would think she would be filling in for Tim Watson on weeknights over summer.


Not a great night to be watching TV news in Sydney, with Robert Ovadia presenting Seven News! :confused:


Rob’s an alright anchor. He is no worse than your lead anchor, Mark Ferguson.


Losing sleep over this… oh what to do…


An suggestions on who will present The Latest: Seven News? Someone already at the network or someone else?

Love to see someone new.


For all we know, if they have been cost cutting, it could be done out of Perth, hosted by Susannah Carr


I don’t think they would introduce a late bulletin if they were cost cutting though.

For all that matters I would prefer to see Sue host than any of the current east coast talentd (except Musher)


Maybe it’s because I’ve only really seen bits and pieces of her presenting and don’t have any major connections to Perth/WA, but I’ve never really gotten the love for Susannah Carr that some people seem to have on these forums.

A perfectly competent newsreader? Yes. Strong enough to lead a national bulletin? I’m not sure about that. Maybe if she had more name recognition, but right now I’d be willing to predict that 99% of people in Sydney & Melbourne would have absolutely no idea who Sue is if you were to go out onto the streets and asked “Do you know this newsreader?”!


Who are the usual summer substitutes for Rick and Sue?

Perhaps one of them will be the presenter of the late news if it comes from Perth.


Does it really have to be a well-known national presenter? On the 10 forums people are calling for the likes of Narelda Jacobs to front a late bulletin, even know not many outside Perth knows who she is.

Sue is a great anchor and has been for many years, would hate to see her relegated to Perth news only with someone like Rob Ovadia doing the late news.


Angela Tsun, Paula Voce and sometimes Ameila Broun who IIRC presented part of last summer.

That would apply to every presenter that presents a National Bulletin unless they have had exposure on high rating national programs such as Sunrise. Most wouldn’t know who Angie Asimus is when she first started and probably didn’t till she appeared on Sunrise and the small amount who watch the News at 5. At the end of the day this is a Late broadcast and most wouldn’t even care who the presenter is long as they are getting the news.


Who are the usual summer substitutes for Rick and Sue?
[/quote]they are normally the only main presenters who will work right up to Christmas eve


Sunday -

Mike Amor presenting in Melbourne from tonight with Mitch now on holidays.


Highly doubt someone of Sue’s calibre (or Rick for that matter) will want to stay around until 8/9pm to front a late news bulletin (assuming it goes out live into the East coast). Yes for breaking/rolling news - would be fantastic to utilise they.

Plenty of other talent at 7 Perth who could do it though.


Mark Ferguson is still presenting Seven News Sydney.