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Monday (03.12.2018): Katrina Blowers is co-anchoring with Max in Brisbane. Laura Dymock is presenting the weather and Ben Davis presented sport.


Tonight’s line-up in Brisbane was very telling. Today was the first time, since Bill was replaced in March, that Sharyn was away. Whilst Sharyn anchored solo when Max was away, tonight they wheeled in Katrina Blowers to co-anchor with him. Two things:

  • Do they have no confidence in Max’s authority as anchor? Whilst I agree that it was necessary to give him a co-anchor, why did they give him the weeknight position if he isn’t capable of holding the fort. Notice how they send him to cover all of the news events and leave Sharyn in the studio (Nine News rotates). They certainly lean heavily on the latter, and rightly so. I imagine that there would be havoc if she ever quit.
  • If Sharyn called in sick one night, would they ask Kay to co-anchor or Katrina? Maybe Kay is on holidays at the moment or they are falling back on their usual summer duo.


Aren’t you reading in to this a bit too much? :thinking:


What? Sharyn anchors solo but Max doesn’t (Bill, Rod and Kay have all anchored solo. Nine go solo when their co-anchor is absent). Max is sent to cover EVERY news event while Sharyn anchors solo.


That’s because Max is still senior journalist, in addition to his anchor duties.


What about Sharyn’s career though? Doesn’t she deserve to also be at the forefront of news events too?

Also, what is your justification for Katrina co-anchoring with Max tonight? You can’t say that that is how Seven operate when on Friday 12th Octover (and every time Max was in transit), Sharyn anchored solo. Just curious.


Sharyn has been. She was out during the royal visit, drought coverage and the Commonwealth Games, not to mention countless other times before. Max is slightly different though because he has network duties on top of BTQ duties.

In terms of Katrina, it comes down to rostering. She’s currently the designated fill-in for everyone. I’m not 100% sure who is the fill-in for Max but my bet it could be Joel Dry or Steve Titmus? We’ll find out soon enough.


Not solo. My point is they won’t leave Max at the desk by himself (even over summer, he only ever anchored the bulletin solo 2-3 times solo. Every other time he was alongside Katrina).

No one will fill-in for Max because Seven have confidence in Sharyn, Kay, Katrina (it has taken a bit, but she has been holding Kay’s lead when she fills in of late) and even Kendall to anchor the bulletin and maintain their lead (and rightly so IMO).

Joel Dry may fill-in on weekends whilst Katrina is doing weekdays but I HIGHLY doubt we will see him alongside Sharyn.

Yes Katrina is rostered to fill-in. But no one is rostered to co-anchor with Sharyn.


I still think you are reading in to this too much. This is just the quirk in rostering. Nothing to do with the network’s confidence. I’ll admit, personally it’s odd Max hasn’t gotten a solo chance when Sharyn is away. However, this is just the nature of TV news. There are just some oddities you can’t explain, and frankly, the public don’t need to know the reason why.


These “quirks in rostering” have been doing my head in lately. :laughing:


Is there a male understudy?


Does it have to be male? I knoow of a fine anchor woman at the network with decades of experience who is MORE than capable to do it permanently.

Joel Dry, though, is just as experienced at anchoring as Max and would perhaps be the leading male contender. Of course they can always fly Rod Young up if need be.


It’s probably more to do with wanting to give Katrina airtime as presumably she’s next in line if Sharyn or Kay were to leave.


Perhaps Shayrn doesn’t want to go out anymore? You do know they have the choice of assignment right?


No. However, perhaps that is why Katrina fills in, because she is a direct understudy and they’re giving her experience, whereas Max doesn’t have one so they don’t bother replacing him.

As for flying Rod Young up isn’t he capable of driving an hour up the M1? Georgina Lewis manages it on a regular basis.


Jane Doyle is presenting solo in Adelaide.


Sharyn Ghidella is back co-anchoring with Max Futcher today.


Tuesday (04.12.2018) - Wednesday (05.12.2018): Ben Davis is presenting Brisbane’s sport with Paul Burt on weather.

Thursday (06.12.2018): Paul Burt is presenting Brisbane’s weather.


The Melbourne team filming a new shoot for 2019 at Birrarung Marr this morning.


So that puts to bed the rumours that Mitch might soon be given the flick!

Unless there was some additional shooting going on to get around that possibility…