Seven News Presenters and Reporters


Tuesday -
Jim Wilson presented sport in Sydney tonight.


Michael Usher is presenting in Sydney.

again for 01/11/2018:


Amelia Broun presenting Perth’s 4pm news


Susannah Carr presenting National News updates.


(1/11/2018) Rick Ardon presenting the Afternoon News in Perth today.


There is a relatively new reporter at Seven News Melbourne named Cassie Zervos who has apparently come from the Herald Sun. Her reporting style is REALLY monotonous, and she seems to be getting the big stories lately as well.


Saturday -
Jacqueline Felgate presenting sport from Flemington Racecourse.

Jane Bunn also presenting the weather from Flemington tonight.


Jane Bunn presenting weather from Flemington Racecourse as well. She is working every night this week!


She finished with the Herald Sun on August 10 and joined Seven in late August.
Her cousin is Basil Zempilas.


I cant put my hand on it, but she does come across a little inexperienced with TV Reporting.

Haven’t seen much of Blake Johnson these days.


Funnily enough 7 Sydney ran images of Jane Bunn in their opener tonight… Weird.


She had the top story again tonight.


Sunday -
Mark Ferguson is back presenting in Sydney tonight.


“Oh well, back to Nine News until the next time they have a dubious presenter competing against Michael Usher at 6pm” - How I’d imagine most of Media Spy’s Sydney-based members reacted to that post! :stuck_out_tongue:


Certainly interesting that Seven won the 6pm hour in Sydney last Wednesday and was only just behind Nine on Thursday.

A dramatic improvement on the usual figures.


Indeed, that was quite interesting. Same deal with Mike Amor when he filled in for Peter Mitchell in Melbourne the Wednesday before last (October 24).

Especially remembering the effect swapping Bill for Max had on the ratings in Brisbane, I’d have to imagine that Seven are at the very least wondering whether there’s a need to promote Usher & Amor to the main chair in Sydney & Melbourne respectively, particularly if the secondary presenters rate well over Summer.


(5/11/2018) Susannah Carr is presenting the Afternoon News in Perth today.


Susannah Carr presenting 4pm news


That’s not the usual 4pm backdrop is it?


I don’t think so.